Tucson bids Frank Antenori farewell


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Bradley defeats Antenori in LD10 senate race.

Buh-Bye, Frank.


Peace Out – The Dirty Effin' Hippies of Tucson


  1. Oh, I’ll wager we ain’t seen the last of ol’ Frank. He’s got the power bug and loves his own voice well enough that he’ll be runnin’ for some other office next opportunity he sees. Frank will be back barkin’ at the villager soon enough.

  2. Redistricting was key. LD 10 takes in the City of Tucson, which Frank never represented in LD 14 (mostly rural Eastern Pima County and Cochise County). An entirely different electorate that Frank relished pissing off and trying to subjugate under the boot of Maricopa Republicans.

  3. Yeah, well, sonoransam, enough Poblano salsa, even the toughest words can be palatable 🙂

    Nah nah naaah nah! Nah nah NAAAH NAH! Hey Hey Hey Goodbye!

  4. Y’know, Antenori really is a jerk … but spiking the ball just ain’t cool.

    In the words of Morris K. Udall, “Oh Lord, please make my words gentle and sweet … for tomorrow I may have to eat them!”

  5. So glad Antenori lost. He was an embarrassment to Southern AZ. Do you think redistricting hurt him? Remember how he dissed the people who live in Koz’s Ward 6? LD 10 overlaps Ward 6 now, doesn’t it?

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