Tucson Black Film Club presents “Lilies of the Field”

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One response to “Tucson Black Film Club presents “Lilies of the Field”

  1. Carolyn Classen

    About 35 people at this film showing today to listen to actress Francesca Jarvis relate her memories of the filming of this movie here in Tucson, about Sid Poitier (breakfast egg scene), and going to the Berlin Film Fest in celebration. Poitier won Best Actor at the 1963 Oscars for his role as Homer Smith. Then Dave Ashcraft spoke about the location of the film (Tanque Verde wash area), and he was a 5th grader when his father managed the old Santa Rita Hotel, where some of the filming occurred. Watching the film again after decades brought to light race relations, freedom of religion, cultural differences, and strong belief in faith. My Native German husband enjoyed that a group of East German nuns seemed to have no racial prejudice, along with the Mexican Catholic community in working with Smith to build a chapel in the desert.