Tucson Rep. Chris Mathis: “VOTE NO” on Illegal Republican ‘Secure the Border’ Initiative

By Chris Mathis, AZ Representative (D-LD18)

This is a dark week for Arizona. 

LD18 Democratic Representative Chris Mathis. Click for more info.

The Arizona GOP has once again shown its true colors with House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 2060 – a ballot referral bill that’s unconstitutional in multiple ways, 100% politically motivated, deeply harmful to our immigrant communities, and has now officially passed the House on a highly contentious 31-29 party-line vote.

Unless courts intervene, Arizona voters will now vote in November on whether local law enforcement officers can arrest people suspected of undocumented status and local judges can issue deportation orders – notwithstanding the fact that state legislation in this area is preempted by federal law and clearly unconstitutional.

In addition, a comprehensive lawsuit has already been filed citing this measure’s numerous state-level violations of the single subject rule and other provisions of our Arizona state constitution. The AZ GOP tried this once before in 2010 with SB 1070. It was, inevitably, ruled unconstitutional, but not before it cost Arizona dearly in fear and trauma as well as untold millions of dollars in economic losses.

HCR 2060 is no solution – it will only make things worse, violate Arizonans’ rights, and cost taxpayers a fortune in litigation costs and unfunded mandates. That’s why a broad and diverse group of Arizonans, including law enforcement, business groups, and faith-based organizations, as well as Governor Katie Hobbs, are opposing the bill. Will you please join us in voting NO in November?

Unfortunately, Phoenix Republicans continue to refuse to lead. Rather than working across the aisle to protect all Arizonans, they’ve chosen to weaponize the upcoming election and send yet another radical ballot referral to the voters.

We cannot allow this type of draconian and divisive legislation to be voted into law. 

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