Tucson Stands United Against Fred Phelps’ Church of Hate

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Fred Phelps, the most vile, evil creature imaginable plans to come to Tucson to exploit the funerals of the victims of the massacre on Saturday to promote his agenda of blind hatred in the name of God. Westboro Baptist Church to Use Tucson Massacre to Promote Agenda of Hate:

The Westboro Baptist Church will picket the funeral of 9-year-old Christina Greene, one of the victims of Saturday's massacre at Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' event in Tucson, Arizona.

According to their website, the group plans to attend the funerals of all the victims, using the tragedy to bring attention to their radical anti-American agenda.

The Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church was established in 1955 and claim to "preach against all form of sin." They protest daily against homosexuality on street corners and attend funerals of dead soldiers with signs saying "Thank God for Dead Soldiers." They believe homosexuality is destroying America and picket at military funerals because they believe troops represent an evil nation.

The self-proclaimed "church" posted this statement on their website:

(NOTE: This statement is republished as-is from the group's website.)


The 9-year-old girl was born 9/11/01! “Hear ye the rod, and who hath appointed it,” Mic. 6:9. God mercifully gave this nation a fair warning on 9/11 – but you despise His mercies, so you get no more mercy – man, woman or child. That’s how God the Avenger rolls!

That child was not innocent. This is a nation of depraved perverts who pass their children through the fire of their rage against God & all-consuming lust. From the womb, she was taught to hate God & mock His servants. That child is better off dead, so the cup of her iniquity will not overflow! Rep. Giffords passed laws trying to keep WBC watchers off the street corners. In repayment, God sent the shooter when she took to a street corner! The blood of the 9-year-old is on Rep. Giffords’ hands! This nation rejoiced & your officials were ho-hum when a violent veteran stalked 5 WBC picketers with 90 rounds of ammunition. In repayment, God sent the shooter with 90 rounds of ammunition & killed your federal judge, your child, & others. Now let’s see if you’re so ho-hum in the face of God’s wrath! The blood of these six dead is on your hands rebellious doomed-america! God’s judgments are so righteous & marvelous in our sight!


So far, there has been no formal response from Congresswoman Giffords' office.  Many mainstream groups refuse to respond or even acknowledge the writings of this hate group, while other groups have staged counter-protests, drowning out the hatespeech with support for victims.

A Facebook group has been formed to organize a human barricade to protect the families' funerals from disruption by this vile evil creature and his minions. Check it out, please do what you can. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=189355621076497&ref=mf

UPDATE: I understand that both the Democratic and Republican Parties of Pima County are working together to recruit volunteers for this human barricade. Now that's bipartisanship we can believe in.

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