Tucson Weekly 2010 Democratic primary endorsements

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

The Tucson Weekly has made its endorsements in the 2010 primaries. Zombie State | Feature | Tucson Weekly. Here are the Democratic primary endorsements:

U.S. Senate

John Dougherty

Attorney General

Felecia Rotellini  But see: Vince Rabago Qualifies for Clean Elections

Secretary of State

Chris Deschene

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Penny Kotterman

Arizona Corporation Commission

Renz Jennings
David Bradley

Legislative District 25 House

Patricia Fleming
Ken Davis

Legislative District 27 House

Dustin Cox
Sally Gonzales

Legislative District 28 House

Steve Farley
Mohur Sidhwa

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  1. Kudos to The Weekly for their endorsement of John Dougherty in the US Senate primary! With early voting starting today, it is imperative that Democrats select the most articulate, qualified and experienced candidate to go up against McCain, who continues to lead Hayworth by wide margins in all polls. The other Democrats have their assets and strengths, but it has been Dougherty who has shown both a solid grasp of the issues and who has a clear idea of how he would approach the job. He can unite Democrats and McCain will be shaking in his boots at the prospect of going toe to toe with the reporter who exposed his role in the Keating Five scandal. VOTE DOUGHERTY!