UA Outreach Coordinator John Winchester to challenge District 1 Supervisor Ally Miller in Republican primary


In case you missed it, those of you who live in District 1 of Pima County – Republican Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller (elected in Nov. 2012) will face a Republican challenger John Winchester in the August 30 primary. John is the Outreach Coordinator at UA Arizona Center for Judaic Studies.

John Winchester
John Winchester

Over on the Dem side, there are two running for this position as well – retired hospital administrator Brian Bickel and former adjunct communications prof. Jeff Farrell.  They too will face off in the August 30 Arizona primary.

from website:

“John Winchester was born and raised in Tucson with the values of service and investment in community.  Beginning when he was 10 years old, he volunteered in care homes bringing comfort to the elderly. When he turned 15, he started working in homeless shelters.  Today, John remains committed to serve the community by volunteering at the Arizona State prison complex, continued service in a shelter for women and children, working with the 4Tucson Government Domain to encourage Christian civic engagement in government, and acts as the Arizona State Director for Christians United For Israel.

John works successfully to build consensus on issues, bypassing political differences, for the purpose of achieving results.  As the Arizona State Director for Christians United for Israel, he works across Arizona building coalitions between Christian denominations,  as well as  relationships with the Jewish community on Israel-related issues.  John is known locally for his investment in the community and his ability to work among diverse groups of people to resolve issues and bring solutions.”

His campaign website:  His education background:

Bachelor of Arts in History, with a minor in Near Eastern Studies, The University of Arizona

Masters level coursework in Near Eastern Studies, The University of Arizona

Masters of Public Administration (2016)

Graduate Certificate Program in Judaic Studies (2016)

Info on Supervisor Miller: