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Link: Largest Protest Ever in Los Angeles.

Link: Biggest Protests in Chicago History.

The GOP’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and policy proposals may be awakening a sleeping giant of the American electorate. Latinos have consistently been less engaged in politics than average, as measured by voter registration and turn-out. The GOP’s punative proposals for immigration, such as making crossing the border without proper documentation a felony, may finally galvanize Latinos into becoming permanently mobilized. Expressions of Latinos frustration and anger at what they see, rightly, as an attack on their communities have sparked massive protests across the country with hundreds of thousands in the streets.

This vigorous and growing backlash against the demonization of the Latino community may be the great un-heralded factor in the 2006 elections. The GOP has made much of its efforts to court Latino voters on the basis of cultural issues for the past decade, and they have made significant inroads into that demographic. But I have to wonder if the GOP’s demogoguery on the issue of immigration isn’t going to undo much of that work and return many Latinos to the Democratic party as well as mobilizing previously unengaged voters in opposition to the GOP’s policies.

If just a few thousand current voters shifting from R to D is combined with higher new voter registration rates among Latinos, CD 8 could slip permanently into the blue. CD 8 has the highest percentage of Latino voters outside the Democratic strongholds of CD 7 and  CD 4, so any swing of Latino voters toward the Democratic party and toward greater levels political participation will affect CD 8 disproportionately. CD 8 is already considered a very competitive swing district, it may soon become a ‘safe’ Democratic district, thanks to the policies of that faction of the GOP which sees immigration as an issue which they can use to mobilize their base. Politics have a certain physics, too. For every action there is an equal of opposite reaction.

Take action now with the Million Phone March against HR 4437.


  1. I am addressing The Candidates for Congress that have been interviewed on this blog and whom wanted to know why Mike had not blogged about them on this issue or that issue.

    Why as Francine pointed out,are only two of us commenting?

    No one can say they do not know about this blog!

    Mike has created a great Forum to get at the Facts and really get to know who we are as Candidates.

    I suggest that those who like to be written about also might like to write a few lines?

  2. As an employer of many of the people you now see in the streets, I have found that Hispanics are a more loyal and take work more seriously than a “white anglo saxon” as Raul Grijalvia would describe those of us that are not from Mexican decendants.

    If it were not for this group, both Union and non-Union jobs I could not have put the Produce on the shelf and the Meat on your table for you to buy,at Frys Food and Drug Stores,as Produce Buyer Supervisor, and as a C.E.O. of The Circle K Corporation. It did reduce wages in Tucson, but I tried to keep my people working the hours they needed. I had been a Manager and Supervisor since I was 17 years old in The Grocery Industry, as I said had UNION JOBS and I worked on those contracts,that involved strikes to get the point across,as the demonstrations have gotten the point across to Congress.

  3. I had left out my statement that Ronald Regan was the Architect of the Illgal Immigration that hit California as Governor and President as he granted Amnesty to the fathers and mothers of the people whom you see demonstating in Los Angeles and Phoenix. Then as California was over run by having 9 million in State and put a strain on everything across the board from highways to power usage to Heathcare , and tried to put the “Brakes On'” and found they could not stop a snowballing effect as they are running for our borders now at 1,500 a day just in Arizona, due to the spill over effect, of California’s huge deficits in dealing with the influx of a Country the size of Iraq and its population moving into California in the last 8 years.

    I feel the wage suppression will continue and also needs to be addressed as we reduce our incomes and quality of life in the United States as we are forced to live on less but try to sustain more.

  4. Future Events that resulted from the relatives and decendants of Illegall Immigrants have shown ,as I had Stated before, The 21st Century is the Century of Immigrant Rights just as the 20th Century was one of Minority Rights, in alot of ways similar but very different in that any group of people from any nation outside of our Borders have been given Legal Rights to change our Laws to favor their Plight,as dictated by internal economic condidtions.

    In our Courts today Humane Borders was on trial for “aiding” Illegals in a non-emergency situation, todays legislation has removed “The Courts” from prosecuting any one whom aids anyone coming over our Borders, seperate from their intent to work. I think this might need some further debate to strike a decision that will not send the wrong message for future immigrants and their Humane Supporters.

    The Democratic Party has long been involved in advocating that No Law Enforcement Agency, No Courts, No Laws should be enforced now or in the future concerning Illegal Immigration. It does need some direction now as you will see a “DOUBLING of ENTRANTS now LEGAL” in the eyes of Congress, as we in cd8 will have to foot the bills in our heathcare system and disruption of life for American Citizens now living along the Border. I wish that more direction towards FUTURE IMMIGRANTS was given as to NOT having to walk the deserts to work in the United States, and a place to go to instead.

    The Federal role is now even more important to enact funding for Border Sheriffs, and The National Guard in enforcing “THE RULE OF LAW,” now changed by Congress.

  5. No, you’re right the boundaries are likely to change. I presume that what we’ll see is the creation of another minority-majority district and the carve out of a Republican majority seat. The DoJ may have something to say about the majority concentration and lack of competitive districts, especially if there’s a Dem in WH by then. But I think it’s possible they would get away with creating yet more non-competitive districts, despite the Redistricting Commission. It’s hard to tell whether CD 8 would end up as reverting to a safe GOP district, but if a minority-majority district were carved out of S. AZ, then it is likely much of CD 8’s Latino population would get shoved into the new district.