(Update) Arizona needs a ‘Moral Mondays’ movement


Posted by AzblueMeanie:

The "meth lab of democracy," the far-right Tea-Publican controlled Arizona legislature, feels free to engage in their batshit crazy legislation because: (1) the Arizona political media does not shine a bright light on the crazy shit they are doing and call them out for it, and (2) there is no organized public opposition to publicly shame them for doing it.

The citizens of Arizona have been beaten down for so long by the far-right that many citizens are apothetic and have abandoned hope. Which is exactly what the forces of evil want. As Edmund Burke warned, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

So where are the religious and civic leaders of Arizona willing to stand up to the intellectually bankrupt and morally depraved "meth lab of democracy" far-right Tea-Publican controlled Arizona legislature? I have explained why Arizona needs a 'Moral Mondays' movement. This requires the moral suasion of religious leaders and civic leaders. Why do you continue to sit on the sidelines in comfortable complacency and surrender to your apathy? Stand up and fight for justice and what is morally right!

The Moral Mondays movement is reenergizing the downtrodden in other states. On Saturday, between 80 to 100,000 people from 32 states turned out to protest four years of drastic state Republican initiatives in Raleigh, North Carolina. 15 Photos From The Massive Progressive Protest You Didn’t Hear About This Weekend:

The “Moral March on Raleigh,” organized by Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKonJ), marched from Shaw University to the state capitol to push back against the “immoral and unconstitutional policies” of Republican Gov. Pat McCrory during the 2013 NC General Assembly session. Since North Carolina Republicans took over both legislative chambers in 2010, legislators have eliminated a host of programs and raised taxes on the bottom 80 percent, repealed a tax credit for 900,000 working families, enforced voter suppression efforts, blocked Medicaid coverage, cut pre-Kindergarten funding, cut federal unemployment benefits, and gave itself the authority to intervene in abortion lawsuits.

Activists have gathered at weekly protests, called ‘Moral Mondays,’ in North Carolina since 2013 as a way to give voice to individuals whose rights were under attack by the Republican-controlled legislature. While there were no reported arrests in Saturday’s protest, hundreds of nonviolent protesters were arrested during last year’s Moral Monday events.


If the "meth lab of democracy" far-right Tea-Publican controlled Arizona legislature had to face throngs of engaged citizens like this on the state capitol grounds every week, they might be more circumspect in the batshit crazy legislation they propose.

And if citizens actually engaged to turn out to testify on legislation in committee hearings, some of this batshit crazy legislation might be stopped dead in its tracks.

It's time for the religious and civic leaders of Arizona who possess a certain moral suasion to stand up and be counted, and to lead this Moral Mondays movement.


  1. Thanks for the update on the Moral March, I will post about it. But you are missing the larger point I have made previously: this can’t be a one-off event. This is something that has to sustained public pressure on the Arizona legislature while it is in session. You should know that the media does not care about a march. They will pay attention to a movement.

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t think this would change anything. The tea-publicans would either ignore or hide from the activists, just as they have all along.

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