UPDATE: APS Crosses $150,000 Mark In Donations To Help AG Brnovich


APS’ (Arizona Public Service’s) contributions to help re-elect Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich have now hit – or, exceeded – $150,000, Arizona’s Politics is reporting. The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) filed its third quarter report with the IRS last night, and indicated that APS parent Pinnacle West contributed another $100,000 on July 10.

Pinnacle West spent $425,000 in 2014 to benefit Brnovich’s first campaign, and the Arizona Republic reported last month about the changes the AG’s office
made to Prop. 127. Arizona Public Service is investing heavily in defeating the measure.

In 2014, APS donated much of its money to RAGA after the final pre-election reporting period. Earlier this year, we noted they had made an early $50,000 contribution to RAGA.

Since 2014, RAGA vastly outraises and outspends its Democratic counterpart, especially in Arizona. However, Arizona’s Politics noted earlier today that DAGA is holding a fundraising dinner with former Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton with the intent of supporting Arizona Democratic AG candidate January Contreras.

The new RAGA IRS can be reviewed at Arizona’s Politics.


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  1. A regulated monopoly with a guaranteed rate of return, needs to spend millions to elect sycophants.

    • For all their talk about free markets and free enterprise and Capitalism, the GOP crooks really don’t like any of those things.

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