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After having spent the past two weeks in Texas, to paraphrase an old Mac Davis song, “happiness is seeing Texas in my rearview mirror.” By the time we crossed the Arizona line we were singing “Gotta see the Lights Of Tucson” by Jim Campbell. Good times.

There’s a lot to catch up on. There were apparently many more candidate petition challenges than were reported in the local news media.

52 lawsuits were filed in June to try to eliminate candidates over accusations that they don’t meet eligibility requirements (I’m pretty sure this must be some kind of record). So far, at least 20 aspiring officeholders have been knocked off the ballot. Which candidates got knocked off the 2018 ballot?

Katie Hobbs, the Democratic leader in the Arizona Senate, no longer faces any opponents on the primary ballot to be her party’s nominee for Arizona secretary of state.

Hobbs’ supporters succeeded in forcing two opponents out of the Democratic primary: Mark Robert Gordon and Leslie Pico. Chad Campbell, a former state lawmaker and Hobbs ally, pushed lawsuits arguing both didn’t submit enough signatures.

Rep. Brenda Barton was running against incumbent Sen. Sylvia Allen in the GOP contest for state Senate in Legislative District 6. This was going to be a “clash of the Titans” of batshit crazy wingnuts, but alas we will be denied this spectacle. Barton was forced to drop out following accusations that many of her signatures were invalid. So Sen. Allen remains the queen of batshit crazy.

Mark Syms, the husband of Tea Party Queen Rep. Maria Syms, running as an independent for state Senate in District 28 in a grudge match against Sen. Kate Brophy McGee. He was removed from the ballot after a judge ruled evidence “strongly suggests” his petitions contain many forged voter signatures. He is appealing.

After several election challenges in recent years reducing residency requirements to live in the district one represents to a mere suggestion without any consequences, the AZ Supreme Court lets Don “Tequila” Shooter remain on LD13 ballot:

Shooter acknowledged to living in Phoenix during the 2017 Legislative Session with his wife, Susan Shooter, in a Biltmore-area home that he has an ownership stake in. And he acknowledged to living at that Phoenix home since he was expelled from the House, facts that the justices didn’t dispute.

But the justices agreed with the lower court’s ruling that Shooter maintains a residence in Yuma, an apartment he’s lived in for five years, and always intended to return there.

Even a brief change in Shooter’s voter registration — for two weeks he re-registered with his wife as a Maricopa County resident before re-registering in Yuma again — supported his intent to keep Yuma as his home, the justices found.

“That Shooter, after two weeks of being registered to vote in Maricopa County, reestablished his registration in Yuma County, where he has continuously voted since 2006, is ‘strong proof’ that he resides in Yuma County,” Vice Chief Justice Robert Brutinel wrote.

While congressional candidates are not required to live in the district they want to represent, in most cases they do. Residents in the district tend to insist on it. Supporters of Dr. Matt Heinz failed in their attempt to knock former congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick off the ballot in CD 2. Lawsuit to kick Kirkpatrick off ballot fails:

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Joshua Rogers acknowledged that Kirkpatrick still owns a home in Flagstaff. And he said she does spend time at a Phoenix condo which she jointly owns with husband Roger Curley.

But Rogers said based on the evidence he saw and Kirkpatrick’s statements in court on Tuesday he finds that from the time she announced her candidacy in July 2017 and began to collect petition signatures for the Democratic nomination , she “was physically present in Tucson and had an intent to remain in Tucson.”

What that means is that a legal challenge paid for by Matt Heinz, who also wants the CD 2 seat, fails.

[T]he lawyers seeking to have her name removed from the ballot said she lied on her nominating papers and petitions when she listed addresses in Tucson.

Attorney David Weatherwax argued that she really was living with her husband in Phoenix. And the Tucson addresses on the legal paperwork, he said, violates state law and makes her ineligible to run.

But Rogers, in his 10-page ruling, said that, despite any time she spends elsewhere, there was sufficient evidence of her presence in Tucson, ranging from where she buys her gas to having been a member of the Pima County Public Library for “a couple of months.”

Anyway, the judge said, where Kirkpatrick spends her time is only one indication of where she lives.

“Residence is determined by both physical presence and intention,” Rogers wrote.

The takeaway message to candidates from recent cases: just rent an apartment in the district you want to represent and claim you intend to live there, even if you are not actually domiciled there, and its all good with the courts. The law has been gutted.

The Arizona Secretary of State has a full list of petition challenge lawsuits and the results (some of which are on appeal).

Below is a list of lawsuits filed against federal, statewide, or legislative candidates during the 2018 challenge period:

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 12.16.54 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-05 at 12.18.31 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-05 at 12.19.07 PM

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  1. Cook Partisan Voter Index (2018)
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez district: D+29
    AZ CD2 has R+1

    We need to elect the most progressive candidates THAT CAN WIN. That means a great Democrat voter turnout and a mediocre to poor republican turn out. Run someone with socialist anywhere in there title and that goes out the window. Besides which, we still have a competitive primary. There are 7 candidates. Why have you written the all off already? Another thing: ” geriatric Democratic leadership” . I got news for you. Every LD meeting, territory meeting or candidate forum is a sea of gray hair. Every time I see a bumper stick that say “Proud Democrat” There’s a long beard driving. Maybe not a great idea to insult the people that have been showing up and doing the leg work for decades. We won’t win anything without them.

  2. There’s another CD2 candidate forum on July 19 in Tucson and it’s my understanding they will all be there this time including the handpicked DCCC favorite Ann Kirkpatrick.

    I just don’t have a good sense of what is going on with this race. Ann Kirkpatrick has started running some (unremarkable) TV ads. I’ve seen two. In one she praises herself for voting for the ACA. Okay, that’s fine. The second was of the “Trump is a monster” brand that worked so well for Hillary.

    I doubt any of the other candidates have money for TV ads except perhaps Matt Heinz. I follow the candidates in social media but haven’t seen any polls other than the one Matt Heinz had done awhile back. It’s really difficult to tell who could win other than Ann Kirkpatrick.

    It’s really a damn shame how this worked out. We should have had a competitive primary among the candidates who actually live in the district.

    After seeing what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accomplished in NY, I feel really bad about our district and the lack of support for these new, younger candidates.

    The geriatric Democratic leadership just isn’t happy unless Congress is full of people like themselves. God forbid they should pass the torch until it is pried from their cold, dead hands.

    CD2 Candidate Forum on July 19
    Time:6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
    Organizer, Represent Me AZ

    Tucson High Magnet School
    400 N 2nd Ave
    Tucson, AZ 85705

        • Yes Liza, the competition between those 7 CD 2 candidates is tough. Time of course will tell on 8/28/18 AZ Primary who’s the voter’s favorite.

          • It really bothers me that this race just isn’t being covered anywhere. I researched this some more yesterday and there is nothing recent in the local news, there are no polls except the one by Matt Heinz, and all of these candidates are kind of weak in social media (Billy Kovacs seems to be the best but he’s not exactly killing it either). Only Ann Kirkpatrick has TV ads.

            I think the public needs more information. Most people aren’t news junkies like us.

            I really hope that this candidate forum gets some local coverage.

            I haven’t even decided who I’m voting for. I only know who I’m not voting for.

          • What I meant to say is this race isn’t being covered anywhere but here on BfA. I think Mr. Bodine has posted several times, but obviously there should be more local coverage for such an important race.

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