UPDATE: Republic Article On AZ AG’s Involvement With APS & Prop. 127; APS CURRENT Donations To Re-Elect Brnovich (#50ShadesOfDarkMoney)


(This article was originally posted at ArizonasPolitics.com)

We need to call attention to an illuminating article by Ryan Randazzo in the Arizona Republic about the Arizona Attorney General’s Office making changes to the wording of Proposition 127 – the Clean Energy initiative on the November 6 ballot. Arizona Public Service is investing heavily in defeating the measure.

Randazzo includes a focus on the $425,000 that Pinnacle West (APS’ parent) sent to the Republican Attorneys General Association in 2014 to assist then-candidate Mark Brnovich in his campaign. (He indirectly credited Arizona’s Politics by citing columnist Laurie Roberts’ 2014 column citing our initial article.)

Arizona’s Politics was also the first to report that APS has contributed $50,000 (so far) to RAGA to re-elect Brnovich.

Our articles have hinted at the oddness of the APS/RAGA monies, as opposed to

the more obvious contributions to Corporation Commissioners, the Governor, and lawmakers at both the state and federal levels. And APS has defended itself with statements that it supports what it considers good governance at all levels.

This intervention by the AG’s office finally helps answer some of the questions that were raised – here and in Ms. Roberts’ new column – by the $475,000 (so far) that APS has sent to help AG Brnovich.

#50ShadesOfDarkMoney: Explanation of how RAGA “went dark” in ’14: http://bit.ly/AZp998 It now has a “40” shade of dark on our scale – as much of its money has come from the completely dark Judicial Crisis Network (currently focusing on the Kavanaugh nomination) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


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  1. Time to flip the switch as if YOUR life depended upon it, because it does! Vote for JANUARY CONTRERAS and end the convicted-ex-sheriff’s entrenched power he put in place up and down the ladder. Arizona needs to rescue itself from systemic, entrenched corruption!!

  2. Once again, the AG clearly shows whose side he’s on and IT.IS.NOT.YOUR.SIDE!

    APS is the tip of the iceberg! It time to flip the switch if you care about your lives, your families and your future. Time to get rid of convicted ex-sheriff arpaio’s “boys” he put in control of the state and your taxpayer $$$’s to work AGAINST the peoples’ best interest.

    VOTERS MUST VOTE and support JANUARY CONTRERAS to end the entrenched “good ole boy” network that controls women’s lives keeping them back in the dark ages; to end the profiteering from separating families, while using Arizona’s people like commodities for their mass-industrial -prison-complex-profiteering, as the taxpayers are being used as piggy-banks to enrich these elected officials. W.A.K.E. U.P!!

  3. Brnovich needs to go any office that is in charge of Elizabeth A Campbell and allows her to chase judges around looking for anyone who will sign her case to get her off the hook of fabricating evidence bringing in “witnesses ” who are felons both of the MAIN witnesses fraud perjury making up stories and then changing stories . The over size morgue called Yuma hospital , fired both of them after they found out what they were about, but are ‘credible ‘ witnesses for the state. Campbell found a mormon to sign another judges case, for a mormon agency who was taking care of mormons at YRMC. while the judge who sat in court room refused , the judge who saw witness and heard the case !! SHAMEFUL a top law agency that is doing this !!!
    Brnovich too busy taking care of his friends at APS . now we need to vote JANUARY CONTRERUS stop this corruption

    • Remember folks, the top prosecutor/politician has NO oversight, NO accountability and they have ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY! Only the VOTER can save the people of Arizona! Flip the switch as if your life depended upon it, because it does! Vote for JANUARY CONTRERAS!

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