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Whenever I have to fly somewhere, the inevitable question from the person sitting next to me comes up with a moment of dread, "Where are you from?" Admit it, don't you hesitate to answer that you are from Arizona out of embarrassment and not wanting to have to explain? Sure you do.

Whenever I talk to friends and relatives in other states and politics comes up, they always ask the same question: "What the f#%k is wrong with you people in Arizona? How is it possible for people to be so ignorant?"

Well I'll tell you: it is our corporate media in Arizona. I'll give you an example. Yesterday I explained the back story of what is going on with GOP plans to threaten a government shutdown and to default on the federal debt ceiling as its hostage demand to extort the defunding  of "ObamaCare." The GOP is on Cruz-control to a government shutdown.

But if you read Arizona's two largest daily newspapers this morning, you got the alternate reality FAUX News GOP-spin that the GOP is trying to avoid a government shutdown by taking the country hostage to extort the defunding of "ObamaCare."

The Arizona Republic ran an AP report, Dodge default, defund Obamacare, GOP leaders say: "House Republicans vowed Wednesday to pass legislation that would prevent a partial government shutdown and avoid a historic national default while simultaneously canceling out President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, inaugurating a new round of political brinkmanship as critical deadlines approach."

The Arizona Daily Star has an online-only AP post, House to vote on stopgap funding bill, 'Obamacare': "The GOP-controlled House is cruising toward a vote to gut President Barack Obama's health care plan as part of a temporary funding bill to prevent a partial government shutdown on Oct. 1. While raising the possibility of a government closure, the latest GOP plan is actually aimed at avoiding one. GOP leaders are looking to shift the fight over health care to even more important legislation required to prevent the government from defaulting on its financial obligations." (The print edition was better with a report from McCaltchy News, not online, Showdown: House will tie government funding to defunding Obamacare.)

WTF? This AP (All Propaganda) reporting is the exact opposite of reality.

Here is the New York Times today, Pressed
From His Right, Speaker Yields on a Budget Showdown

Screenshot-9After three years of cajoling, finessing and occasionally strong-arming his fitful conservative majority, Speaker John A. Boehner waved the white flag on Wednesday, surrendering to demands from his right flank that he tie money to keep the government open after Sept. 30 to stripping President Obama’s health care law of any financing.

Mr. Boehner knows that the plan he unveiled cannot pass the Senate, and that it may prove unwise politically and economically. His leadership team pressed just last week for an alternative. But with conservative forces uniting against him, he ultimately saw no alternative but to capitulate — and few good options to stop a government shutdown in two weeks.

And the Times editorial opinion today, The
March to Anarchy

Until now, the only House Republicans pushing for a government shutdown and debt crisis were a few dozen on the radical right, the ones Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader, referred to as “the anarchists.” On Wednesday, however, the full Republican caucus, leadership and all, joined the anarchy movement, announcing plans to demand the defunding of health care reform as the price for keeping the government open past Sept. 30.

The decision means that a government shutdown next month is now much more likely. . .

The Washington Post provides more analysis today, Shutdown nears as House sets vote to defund Obamacare:

WreckingCrewWith the deadline for a government shutdown growing near, House
Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) had a familiar choice to make: embrace
something that looked like a compromise with Democrats, antagonizing
conservatives in his party, or give in to their demands and guarantee a
showdown with President Obama and Senate Democrats.

On Wednesday, Boehner announced that he had chosen to stick with his own.

Rather than rallying Republicans to a less-confrontational plan to keep
the government running past Sept. 30, Boehner threw in with the
boisterous, rebellious wing of the House GOP[.]

Sean Sullivan in the Post's The Fix explains, Ted Cruz vs. House Republicans:

Now that House Republicans are poised to pass a continuing resolution
that defunds Obamacare — just as Senate conservatives have been asking
for weeks — everyone’s on the same page, right?


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), who has arguably led the charge
to defund Obamacare
in the upper chamber, responded to the news in a
way that didn’t sit too well with House Republicans. The Post’s Paul
Kane and Ed O’Keefe report:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), the loudest champion in the
Senate of the new Boehner strategy
, acknowledged that he would probably
be helpless to stop the funding bill in his chamber. “Harry Reid will no
doubt try to strip the defund language from the continuing resolution,
and right now he likely has the votes to do so. At that point, House
Republicans must stand firm, hold their ground, and continue to listen
to the American people,” Cruz said in a statement.

That statement angered House Republicans, who felt goaded into the
Obamacare fight by Cruz and his outside conservative group allies.

After Cruz’s statement was released, a Boehner spokesman countered with
this statement: “We trust Republicans in the Senate will put up a fight
worthy of the challenge that Obamacare poses.”

So Senate demagogue Ted "Calgary" Cruz goads his Tea Party cohorts in the House to go along with his hair-brained scheme to shut down the government to defund "ObamaCare," and then the demagogue wusses out to deliver on his end of the bargain in the Senate? Who's the "squish" now, Calgary?

In his first few months in the Senate, Cruz has alienated a lot of
people — both Republicans and Democrats. It’s safe to say that House GOP
leadership can be added to that list.

The insurrectionist Tea-Publican economic terrorists are not listening to the GOP establishment in the business community either, whom they no doubt also view as "squishes." GOP
brushes off business lobby’s debt-limit warning

On Wednesday morning, one of the most influential business groups in
Washington warned that a drawn-out confrontation over the nation’s debt
would harm the economy and stall hiring, and that it must be avoided.

What happened over the next few hours made clear that the
group’s warning is likely to be ignored — and that the traditions of
influence in Washington, where a little pressure from a well-heeled
corporate donor could help tip a debate or seal a deal, seem to have
broken down.

* * *

John Engler, the chief executive of the trade group and a Republican
former governor of Michigan, told reporters it would be “unthinkable”
not to raise the government’s debt ceiling, which Congress must do as soon as next month to avert a default on federal obligations.

But Republicans, who benefited by a two-to-one margin from corporate contributions in the 2012 election, announced
they would neither keep the government open nor raise the debt ceiling
without concessions, in a direct repudiation of the business lobby’s

So the insurrectionist Tea-Publican economic terrorists are going to hurtle this country off the cliff into a financial calamity in a manufactured crisis of their making to satisy their ideological extremism to oppose all things Obama, and to deny medical care to more than 30 million Americans. It is a wonder that the American people are not armed with pitchforks and torches seeking to tar and feather these Tea-Publican insurrectionists and to run them out of town on a rail.

Angry mob

UPDATE: Steve Benen caught these gems in When Republicans attack — each other:

House Republicans, who were already unhinged, started to really lose it, with GOP lawmakers accusing Cruz of waving the "white flag" and "surrendering."

One senior House Republican aide said Sens. Mike Lee (R-Utah), Marco
Rubio (R-Fla.), and Ted Cruz (R-Tex) "are like the kids in high school who would
yell fight 'fight, fight' but have never thrown a punch in their entire

A House GOP leadership aide added, "Wendy Davis has more balls than Ted Cruz."

UPDATE: Rep. Peter King (R-NY) on CNN: "I would just say if anything good comes from all of this, when Ted Cruz
and Rand Paul or Mike Lee fail in the Senate next week, maybe finally
we Republicans will have ended their influence," King said.

A House GOP aide told National Review Online that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi "is more well-liked" than Cruz.

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