Update: The Party of No (New Ideas)

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Let’s be honest: Yesterday’s House Republican budget rollout was a P.R. disaster for the GOP. “Here it is, Mr. President” was the title of the GOP Leader blog touting that they had answered Obama’s dare to produce a budget. The problem — their budget rollout didn’t contain any hard budget numbers or deficit projections. They say those hard numbers will come out next week. But now we learn that Reps. Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan objected to unveiling yesterday’s “blueprint,” but were overruled by Reps. John Boehner and Mike Pence. But bigger than any internal disagreements or any criticism about a lack of details is the fact that yesterday’s GOP non-announcement moved the attention away from the Obama-vs.-congressional Democrat storyline to the GOP’s lack of a budget. In fact, after yesterday, the White House and congressional Democrats can agree on one thing: The GOP — at least until next week — is the “Party of No.” What's more, it puts more pressure on Ryan to truly put out a comprehensive budget alternative; Also, this episode could end up creating a rift in the GOP over how to combat the Obama White House. After all, Senate Republicans wanted nothing to do with an alternative, and now Mitch McConnell, et al are either laughing at their House GOP colleagues, furious at them, or both.

The DNC was quick to jump on the GOP's PR disaster with this ad:

The GOP leadership's insane clown posse promises to reveal the details of its budget next Wednesday. Well, check your calendar: Wednesday April 1 – April Fool's Day. This gang who couldn't shoot straight just can't get out of their own way.

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  1. David Safier

    You’re kidding. They’re actually planning to release their budget on April Fools Day? I think these folks are trying to put Jon Stewart out of a job by indulging in self parody. He’ll have nothing left to do but run news clips and mug for the camera.