Update: Trouble in Teabagger Land?

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Here is one tidbit that comes from our alleged political reporters sucking up to the Tea Party. Apparently there is new trouble in teabagger land. From the Arizona Daily Star's political gossip column. Coughlin, Fiesta Bowl lobbyist, doesn't take lying low lying down:

Teabaggin_med Where's the party?

The organizer of an effort to launch a new Arizona Conservative Party says he hopes to collect the 24,000 signatures he needs to make the 2012 ballot.

Hugh Kealer, a tea party member and registered Republican in the Show Low area, predicted he won't have trouble getting the signatures he needs with widespread disenchantment with the two parties.

"The Republican leadership we have in our Legislature can't even pass conservative bills," he said. "People are tired of the Republican Party acting just like the Democrats."

He said the increase in independent voters – which inched past Democratic registration earlier this year – means people are looking for alternatives.

Of course, it's all tilting at windmills if they don't have the candidates. Stay posted.

Oh, you can bet the Daily Star will be all over this Tea Party story like white on rice.

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  1. As I understand it, both Daniel and his wife are represented by competent legal counsel in a matter before the court. That is where private marital disputes should be resolved by the rule of law, not in the media, nor by innuendo, insinuation or rumor.

  2. Diane D'Angelo

    The Tucson media has also ignored the Daniel Patterson story which has been unfolding right under their noses. Is that a sign of Democratic bias? Or just lazy, ignorant reporters who’d rather do stories about so-called celebrities….

  3. As an Independent, I am disenchanted with both parties. But (and many friends, co-workers and customers who are Indy’s) we are NOT looking to the extreme right for solutions or action. The Tea Party is not a party – it’s a republican funded growth and any vote they carry dillutes both parties, thus it is and will be about obstruction and distraction if not direct lying (mid-term elections).
    In 2012 it will be the Independents who dillute the vote.
    I think voters have learned their lesson with Tea-publicans.

  4. Oh, they’ll have candidates. But honestly, they still won’t accomplish anything constructive… except maybe to dilute the rep’lican vote. Well, that MIGHT be constructive in the long run.