(Update) Voter ID on trial in Pennsylvania


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

The trial resumed on Tuesday after a four day recess with the state calling Jonathan Marks, a high-ranking state election official. Things got interesting at the end of the day. Judge In Pa. Voter ID Trial Holds Private Hearing:

In an 11th-hour move at the end of Tuesday’s session, the plaintiffs’ lawyers sought to call a statistical analyst as a witness to rebut Marks’ testimony, but the state objected and McGinley ordered the private hearing. The judge told the lawyers he would keep the courtroom closed to reporters and other spectators Wednesday morning while the state’s legal team cross-examines the analyst.

Lawyers had planned to make closing arguments before Commonwealth Court
Judge Bernard McGinley on Wednesday, the 11th day of the trial. However, closing arguments in the trial of Pennsylvania's voter-identification law have been postponed
for a day, after the state's legal team filed a motion to dismiss the
lawsuit. Commonwealth Court Judge Bernard McGinley scheduled the arguments for Thursday and said he will review the motion. Closing arguments postponed in Pennsylvania voter ID trial.