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I need to update and correct an earlier post Legislatively-referred constitutional amendments on the 2012 ballot, now that Secretary of State Ken Bennett has finally got around to posting the information on his web site in between making calls to Hawaii regarding President Obama's birth certificate. Ballot Measures.

Prop. 114 – The Crime Victim Protection From Liability For Damages Amendment, SCR 1020 (2011) (PDF)

The measure would amend Aticle II, section 31 and Article XVII, section 6 of the Arizona Constitution.

The measure would prohibit crime victims from being subject to a claim for damages for causing harm to a person if that person is killed or injured when engaging in, or fleeing after, a felony crime.

Prop. 115 – The Judicial Department Amendment, SCR 1001 (2011) (PDF)

The measure would amend Article VI, sections 4, 12, 20, 36, 37, 39, 41, and 42 of the Arizona Constituion.

The measure would modify the Appellate and Trial Court Commissions. If it passes, specifically the measure would increase the terms of judges from six to eight years and the retirement age from 75 to 70. In addition to these changes, the State Bar of Arizona will be allowed to appoint only one of five attorneys to a judicial nominating commission. Currently, the governor appoints five attorneys that are vetted by the bar association.

This arises out of GOP displeasure with the Appellate Court Commission selection of the five members of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission in 2011.

Prop. 116 – The Property Tax Exemptions Amendment, SCR 1012 (2012) (PDF)

This measure would amend Article IX, section 2 of the Arizona Constitution.

The measure would amend the Arizona Constitution to reset the personal property tax exemption for new equipment and machinery purchases to an amount equal to the earnings of 50 Arizona workers, approximately $2.4 million. The current constitutional exemption is $50,000 indexed to inflation since 1996 or $68,079 in Tax Year 2012. SCR 1012 passed with unanimous support in the legislature.

Legislative budget analysts estimate the bigger exemption for property acquired starting in 2013 would cost the state about $8.2 million in lost general fund revenue, while there would be what the analysts call a “minimal impact” on local governments.

Prop. 117 – The Property Tax Assessed Valuation Amendment, SCR 1025 (2012) (PDF)

This measure would amend Article IX, section 18 of the Arizona Constitution.

The measure would amend the Arizona Constitution to limit the growth of a property's limited cash value to its full cash value or 5 percent above the previous year's value, whichever is smaller. It is meant to guard against a jump in taxes when home values are rapidly increasing — in other words, during the real estate bubble that burst back in 2007. Property values have steadily declined since then and in some areas of the state have not yet bottomed out at 2001 levels. This would use depressed values to limit growth in property taxes as real estate values begin to recover. That would remove millions of dollars from the tax rolls, forcing local governments to raise property tax rates to compensate.

Prop. 118 – The Establishment of Permanent Funds Amendment, HCR 2056 (2012) (PDF)

This measure would amend Article X, section 7 of the Arizona Constitution.

The measure would amend the Arizona Constitution to change the distribution formula from the state's permanent fund to 2.5 percent of the value of the fund over the previous five years. This formula is used for K-12 education funding. The fund's proceeds come from the sale of state trust lands.

Prop. 119 – The State Trust Lands Amendment, SCR 1001 (2012) (PDF)

This measure would amend Article X, by adding a new section 12 to the Arizona Constitution.

The measure would amend the Arizona Constitution to allow state trust land exchanges that provide a buffer for military installations. It would allow exchanges to convert the land to public use or if the swap would improve land management to help sell or lease state trust lands. This is essentialy the same ballot measure that has failed in previous elections. The voters have always rejected it.

Prop. 120 – The State Sovereignty Amendment, HCR 2004 (2012) (PDF)

This measure would amend the Arizona Constitution by adding a new Article II.I relating to state sovereignty, and amending Article XX paragraphs 4 and 12.

This measure would declare state sovereignty over lands, air, water, minerals, wildlife and the state's other natural resources based on the argument of "equal footing." Also known as the "secession" measure.

As the Arizona Republic editorialized, "HCR 2004 is an ideological tantrum that's gone too far." State Senate should kill embarrassing bill. "HCR 2004 would explicitly violate the act that allowed our state to enter the union. That law requires the state, as Arizona agreed in its Constitution, to disclaim all right and title to federal lands here." It is facially unconstitutional and is intended to pick a legal fight with the U.S. government to make work for GOP attorneys.

Initiatives to the ballot are due by Juy 5, 2012.