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Updates comprised from stakeholder organization communications:

We are continuing to experience tremendous demand at HealthCare.gov during
the first week of Open Enrollment. We know some of you are having
trouble getting to the application and we are sorry for any
delays. Thanks for your patience, and please keep trying!

Here’s what we’re doing to make things better:

  • Extra space for more users to get onto the system

  • More technicians working around the clock to find problems and fix them

  • More trained representatives ready to take your calls at our Marketplace toll-free number

  • New pathways to get you to the application faster

improvements and others have cut the wait times by one-third, and more
people are successfully applying and shopping in the Marketplace.

If you need help with your Marketplace application, you can contact the 24/7 call center, use the live chat function, or go to LocalHelp.HealthCare.gov to find an in-person assister in your community.


We always knew that there would be some glitches and kinks in the
system as it gets up and running. The important thing is that those
problems are being identified quickly, solutions are being devised, and
we are sharing those solutions with enrollment experts across the

This is not a sprint but a marathon, and we're in it for the long haul.

If people you know are looking for health insurance, ask them to visit our new and improved Get Covered America site
so they can learn more about their new health insurance options. We’re
featuring plain-language answers to the most common consumer questions,
personal stories about why getting covered is so crucial, and a portal
to take visitors straight to their state’s Health Insurance Marketplace.

Get Marketplace plan and price information in your area

of you have asked to see what is available in your area before you
create an account and apply for coverage. We’ve heard you and this week,
we launched a new tool that makes it easy to see the health and dental
plans that are available where you live.

  • First, use this calculator to find out if you qualify for lower costs on coverage.

  • After you calculate your savings, try our new tool to preview Marketplace plans and prices.

  • The prices shown on this tool do not reflect the lower costs most people may qualify for based on household size and income.

  • Households with yearly incomes up to about $46,000 for individuals or $94,000 for a family of 4 may qualify.

price quotes based on your individual circumstances are available only
after you complete a Marketplace application. If you need help with your
application, you can contact the 24/7 call center.

You have time to apply, compare plans, and enroll

you have until December 15 to sign up for health coverage that will
start January 1, 2014. And the
Open Enrollment period runs until March 31, 2014.


To find a community health center near you, go to aachc.org or call
the Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers at 602-253-0090. In
southern Arizona, go to mypcap.org or call the Pima Community Access Program’s health hotline at 800-311-0627.

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