Values Voters Should Read the Instructions


Paul Ryan and his posse think they’re all gonna go to heaven some day.
Evidently they have not read the

There are a lot of voters who take Christian values very very
seriously. Values voters ought to stick with the Gospel of
and reject the Gospel of Ayn Rand. Values voters ought to treat Ryan as a dangerous

I wish Democrats would make this more of a campaign issue. When the
Mammonite politicians
claim to represent “values” voters and “patriotic” voters,
Democrats need to make the counter-argument, strongly and insistently. One can make similar arguments about other issues: Democratic values
are a good match to traditional biblical values of peace, humility,
tolerance, stewardship, truthfulness, et cetera. These are of course not the
only arguments, but my point is that arguments of this kind should not
be neglected. When the other guy’s strongest ploy is bogus, you ought not let it go unchallenged.

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