Values Voters Summit Selects Ted Cruz as Their ‘Annointed One’


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The results of a straw poll conducted at the Values Voter Summit
showed that conservatives are united in their support for Senator
Ted Cruz in 2016. Ted Cruz Wins Values Voter Straw Poll, Along with Santorum Surprise:

Ted Cruz [claimed] a commanding 42% of votes for a prosective
Presidential run. Former senator and presidential candidate Rick
Santorum, who spoke on the first day of the summit and suggested
that the thought of running again crosses his mind from time to
time—“even today”—received 13 percent of the vote, an almost
statistical tie with Dr. Ben Carson.

On the vote for a prospective vice-presidential candidate, Dr.
Carson won handily with 21% of the vote. Ted Cruz placed in second,
with 17%, while Congresswoman Michele Bachmann earned third place
with 9% of the vote. Another item in the poll was major issues:
voters decided that religious liberty was the number one issue
facing conservative voters, with pro-life matters coming in

Now you may be wondering, "How did Ted 'Calgary' Cruz beat out Christian Reconstructionists and Dominionists like FAUX News host Mike 'Huckajesus,' Rick 'man on dog' Santorum, and the Minnesota Loon, Michele Bachmann?"

For those of you who haven't been paying attention, it is because Teddy Calgary's father Rafael Cruz, who was a member of the Religious Roundtable with Paul Weyrich (the Moral Majority, the Heritage Foundation, and the American Legislative Exchange Council), proclaims his son to be the "annointed one."
Rafael Cruz Declares Son Ted Cruz 'The Anointed One':

Rafael Cruz has some deep connections to the current movement known as the New Apostolic Reformation. That movement is really a rebranding of what we know as the "Religious Right", as they were called in the days of Reagan, but with a 21st century dominionist twist. Cruz was a member of the Religious Roundtable in the 1980s, an activist group of Christians who were committed to engagement in politics.

* * *

Rafael Cruz delivered a sermon
in August, 2012 where he discusses how Christians should "take dominion
over the earth." Cruz goes on to define what that means, saying
"dominion is over every area — society, education, government,
economics…" That particular moment happens 1 hour and 12 minutes in,
if you care to watch. It's instructive to see him deliver that line with
dictatorial passion.

Here is daddy talking about himself, his son, and their agenda in an interview with Christian Broadcasting Networks' David Brody.

And then there is this Video: Ted Cruz Anointed by Antigay, Pro-Religious War Pastors (Huffington Post):

[O]ver the weekend two of the leading Senate Republican Tea Party
leaders behind the shutdown, Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, attended
the Family Research Council's annual "Voter Values Summit," at which, according to
CNN, FRC head Tony Perkins– whose organization has been identified as a
"hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center because of the FRC's
promotion of anti-LGBTI propaganda — dubbed Cruz the "de facto" leader
of the GOP.

During the FRC event, reports the New York Times,
both senators, who are each considering a 2016 bid for the presidency,
will meet with evangelical and right-wing power brokers such as Perkins
and direct-mail guru Richard Viguerie.

The two senators could also be found last summer, along with RNC
Chair Reince Priebus (by some accounts), being publicly blessed and
anointed, with the laying-on of hands, by dominionist
pastors, at the July 19th-20th 2013 Iowa Renewal Project pastors'
gathering held at the Des Moines Marriott Hotel. Following the event,
video from the event, the public blessing of Rand Paul, gained minor
notice from the secular press. But video showing the blessing of Senator Ted Cruz is far more notable.

In the video, Tea Party potentate Ted Cruz is blessed by pastors who claim the Constitution is based on the Old Testament, appear to endorse biblical slavery, depict gay marriage as a socialist plot against the traditional family, and call for a Christian war on secular society.

One of the pastors blessing and laying his hands on Cruz's shoulders
was head of the sponsoring organization the Iowa Renewal Project —
David Lane, who only a few weeks earlier had written an op-ed that called upon the faithful to "wage war to restore America to our Judeo-Christian heritage."

Only a few days after blessing Senator Cruz, Lane stated
that "car bombs in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Des Moines, Iowa"
would be merciful punishment from God for legalized abortion and
"homosexuals praying at the Inauguration." Without such divine "mercy,"
suggested Lane, America might "get judgment like Nazi Germany."

The Iowa Renewal Project is part of Lane's American Renewal Project,
an effort targeting 12 US states that seeks to register voters, and
politically mobilize Christian pastors, in advance of the 2014 election.

* * *

Another pastor laying hands on Senator Cruz was David Barton, former vice chairman of the Texas GOP who has played leading role in creating an entire genre of Christian nationalist revisionist history
used to promote the myth that the United States was created as an
expressly Christian nation. The genre is used to stoke anger among the
faithful – because America's Christian heritage has allegedly been
subverted and stolen – and thus fuel Christian right political activism.

Barton maintains that Jesus opposes the minimum wage, and claims
the United States Constitution was based in concepts drawn directly
from the Old Testament including the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy.
He also claims there's no such thing as the constitutional principle of the separation of church and state.

* * *

{T]he fact that Ted Cruz is a personal friend to David Barton, described in 2005 by Time magazine as one of the 25 most influential evangelicals in America, comes as no surprise given a staggering revelation,
in a 2011 book by former Special Assistant to U.S. President George W.
Bush Timothy Geoglein, with a forward written by none other than Karl
Rove, that ties Ted Cruz to very heart of of the what used to be called,
in the days before the Tea Party, the "radical religious right."

As Goeglein recounts, in 1999 while working as a Bush for President
campaign aide, Ted Cruz helped broker a deal with one of the top
architects of the religious right — Paul Weyrich — who Cruz appears to
at the time been a personal friend of. The deal Cruz brokered enabled
the Bush campaign to lock down the Christian conservative vote and so
edge out other contenders for the nomination, including Senator John

Here are the so-called "Values Voters" –  Christian Reconstructionists and Dominionists — straw poll results:

Presidential Candidate Name



Senator Ted Cruz



Dr. Ben Carson



Senator Rick Santorum



Senator Rand Paul



Senator Marco Rubio



Congressman Paul Ryan



Governor Mike Huckabee



Governor Mike Pence



Rep. Michele Bachmann



Governor Rick Perry



Governor Chris Christie



Write In Candidate



Governor Scott Walker



Governor Bobby Jindal



Governor Jeb Bush



Speaker Newt Gingrich



Governor Susana Martinez



Senator Mike Lee



Governor Sam Brownback




  1. Great job, great site! I also am trying to alert people to the imminent danger of theocracy (actually, “theonomy”) that eminates from the Dominionists, New Apostolic Reformation, Family Research Council, Sarah Palin, Ted and Rafael Cruz, Rand Paul and Glenn Beck (Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry are major players in this radical movement, however, they’re idiots, so who cares?). But, no one seems to take this subject very seriously. Of course, I never go in the @ Connect ‘room’ on Twitter to see, so what do I know? :). HuffPo Religion and the DailyKOS gave it a shot, but some of their facts are skewed. Karoli of Crooks and Liars probably had this covered two or more years ago, because, as I’m finding out, she scoops nearly everybody on nearly everything, nearly all the time. 🙂
    I know that Bill Maher isn’t listening — literally. He cut off Valerie Plame in mid-sentence when she started speaking about the Dominionists’ infiltration of the US military. Don’t you think she would know better than Bill what threats to our way life are out there? He said something like, “Where are the Christians blowing themselves up? The training camps?” I would respectfully point Bill to googling some of the above terms and names and learn the scary basic facts, and then, to google things like “extreme camps”,”Acquire the Fire”, “Teen Mania”, “912Project” Glenn Beck)AND “youth camps”,and follow the leads after googling “militant Christianity.” Sometimes a person has to take the cotton out of his ears and stick it down his throat.
    Of course Bill Maher is one of the rabidly vocal strain of atheists who are at least equally obnoxious as the Christian Righties.
    Michael Moore, Rev Al Sharpton and Valerie Plame all tried to clue Bill in, but he and his atheist sidekick for the night just continued to interrupt and bloviate. Sad.
    Black and white. That’s all the majority of the World sees anyone. No middle ground. Atheist, dominionist. Zionist, Palestinian. Left vs. Right. Equally sad. Oh well…

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