Vice President Pence capitulates to Turkey and Syria, betraying our Kurdish allies


The news media is effin’ up again. Too many news outlets are reporting in their headlines that Turkey has agreed to a “cease fire” in Syria after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with Vice President Mike Pence today.

This is not a “cease fire.”

This is a “pause” in the Turkish offensive, the betrayal of our Kurdish allies, and a complete and total capitulation by the United States to Turkey and Syria.

The Wall Street Journal gets it correct, Pence Says Turkey Will Pause Military Operations in Syria to Allow Kurds to Withdraw:

Turkey has agreed to a five-day suspension of military activities in its incursion into Syria, allowing time for Kurdish forces to withdraw, and in return the U.S. will pull back on economic sanctions, Vice President Mike Pence said here following a day of negotiations.

Mr. Pence, who led more than four hours of talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said the U.S was already working with Kurdish forces on an “orderly” withdrawal.

“Today the United States and Turkey have agreed to a ceasefire in Syria,” Mr. Pence told reporters in Ankara. He said Turkey would “pause” military operations for 120 hours while the Kurdish forces withdraw from a safe zone. Once that withdrawal is complete, the ceasefire will become permanent, Mr. Pence said.

Hunter at Daily Kos puts this in plain English that anyone can understand:

During a live press conference in Turkey on Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence announced a “deal” with Turkish President Recep Erdogan to give Turkey … everything it wanted.

With great pride and voluminous sucking-up, Pence announced a 120-hour “cease-fire” agreement with Turkey, during which time the United States will “assist” Turkey’s Kurdish targets in fleeing the region Turkey is attacking.

In other words, Kurdish forces, their families, and others have five days to withdraw from their own homes, after which Turkey will control the region. It is unclear where those forces are expected to retreat to. Pence’s announcement amounts to an agreement for Turkey to ethnically cleanse a Turkish-demanded “safe zone” with the United States’ approval, and possibly its assistance.

In “exchange” for a cease-fire agreement—an ultimatum to Turkey’s Kurdish targets to withdraw, or else—Pence announced that the United States “will not impose further sanctions” on Turkey for its assault.

In other words, it’s a complete capitulation. Donald Trump’s team agreed to “assist” Turkey in removing Kurdish forces and civilians from the “safe zone” in northern Syria that Turkey is now claiming, and simultaneously promises no further repercussions for Turkey.

Pence went out of his way to praise Donald Trump many, many times for his leadership as he proudly announced the administration’s complete buckling to Syrian demands. He also confirmed that United States forces would indeed be withdrawing, leaving the remainder of the Syrian conflict to be resolved by Turkish forces in the north and the Russian-assisted forces of Assad in the south.

The end result will be that the autonomous Kurdish-controlled region of Syria will now be divvied up between Turkish dictator Erdogan and Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, backed by his Russian allies. Those Kurds who do not leave voluntarily over the next 120 hours will be slaughtered, with the Trump administration’s blessing.

This is not a “cease fire.” It is a pause in the beginning of the genocide of Syrian Kurds.

This is not what America stands for in the world.


  1. Trump deserts our ally to save Trump Towers in Istanbul. Our military is angry that we let people who fought alongside us to die.

    Because he’s impulsive, our military did not have time for an organized pull out, and they had to bomb one of our bases to prevent ammo and supplies from falling into enemy hands.

    US warplanes bombed a US base.

    You can view video online showing Russian soldiers poking around another US base that we deleted.

    Russian television cheered Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds.

    Given back land taken with blood has to be near the top of military failures.

    Trump is a failure as Commander in Chief. Maybe the bone spurs are distracting him.

    I’m all for getting out of foreign wars, but you listen to your generals, you don’t betray allies.

    After 9/11 all the NATO countries sent troops into Afghanistan to fight alongside American soldiers. No country will ever do that again.

    No country will ever trust the USA again.

    Trump has made the world less safe.

    The GOP owns this and will now this forever. Traitors with blood on their hands.



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