Update on the AZLeg Session So Far From Reps. DeGrazia & Abraham, & Sen. Stahl Hamilton

Our excellent Dem delegation from Legislative District 10 in Tucson sat down with AZDem Environmental Council Co-Chair Nick Arnold for an hour of discussion about many of the pending issues and events in this 55th session of the AZLeg in this Cross-Over week.

Since the drop-dead date for bills (other than appropriations and strikers) has passed most of the major bills and issues are now set for the rest of the session, so it is a good time to poke your head in a see what’s happening if you haven’t been following the session closely (i.e. you are one of the rational people who aren’t paid to be there…).

Please take note that this is NOT an update centered on LD 10, so ALL of this discussion is highly relevant across the state, no matter what LD you live in. These LD10 legislators are doing a great job of informing the public about the issues they are facing. Many thanks to the participants for their insights and expertise. I found it very informative, and I think you all will, too. There isn’t much useful about the visuals, so you can just play the video and listen to the audio while you are busy with something else, or you may download or subscribe to the BlogForArizona podcast if you only want the audio: