Visiting AZ GOP Chairperson Kelli Ward’s Brain


AZ GOP Chairperson Kelli Ward does a daily FaceBook Live video chat.

I thought that might be interesting, so I dropped in for a chat. You might find it amusing.

I guess video embedding has been disabled on her page, because it just comes up blank when I try to do that, so you have to go to her FaceBook page to watch through the link below:

Watch Kelli Ward deny reality.

It’s a little trouble, and you might feel icky doing it, but it’s probably worth it to experience for yourself just how divorced from reality top Republicans actually are these days. I wouldn’t have believed it, but that banal little daily video has gotten over 4K views, so her propaganda is not unimportant or uninfluential.

Now, Kelli might just be putting on an act for the rubes, but I think she actually believes the ahistorical and conspiracy theory-laced horse shit she and her husband spout. I think they both live so deep in the bubble that Republicans have built for themselves that they actually believe their own lies.

For instance, they start out by claiming that CHAZ/CHOP is some armed camp of slathering terrorists threatening to over-run Seattle. They can’t seem to even consider that people don’t really always need the government to hold their hands to create order and peace. It’s sort of our thing as a species.

Later in the video, they certainly seem to actually believe that the KKK is currently a Democratic Party terrorist organization. Even as KKK members show up openly to MAGA rallies, they claim to sincerely believe this.

Cognitive dissonance presents no difficulty for these folks. It takes a special genius to hold two conflicting ‘facts’ in your head, but they manage.

At one point, they claim that there are no racists in the GOP. All the racists are in the Democratic Party – and African Americans are apparently so indoctrinated that we Dems have 98% of them fooled that the GOP are the racists.

It’s truly astounding and mind-bending to watch them try to justify these beliefs. If you don’t currently have an acute and innate understanding of how mentally sick the GOP has become, you have to watch this video.

I certainly encourage people who live here in reality, to show up to one of Kelli’s little chats someday, and try to inject a little touch of reality programing into her bubble. It won’t be pleasant. You won’t be rewarded. You probably won’t enjoy it. But what else have you got to do while socially distancing? Watch your favorite TV series again?

And it just might be a civic duty to ensure that a drop of cold-hard reality gets into that fuzzy conspiracy-addled bubble now and then.

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