Vote for a ‘New Arizona Where We All Win’– Instead of Voting for the S.O.S. (video)


Vote for Fred, Felecia, Terry, David, Sandra, Jim, Ron, Victoria, Randy, and Steve. Vote for an Arizona where we all win.

It’s time to dump the failed Tea Party policies that have left Arizona deeply in debt, sparked countless frivolous lawsuits that waste taxpayer money, created a laughing stock of our state, and left us at the bottom of most state rankings.

Check out this video created by a volunteer for Dr. Randy Friese, LD9 candidate for the Arizona House. (Obviously, if you don’t live in LD9 and CD2, you’ll have to swap those last 4 names, but you get the idea.) Let’s move forward with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal and his team– instead of moving not backward with Doug Ducey and the Teapulbicans.

Why would Arizona elect an incompetent State Treasurer with a bankrupt track record to be governor?


  1. The assertion that if Democrats gain control of the State, everyone will win is wrong. The State debt will rise exponentially; taxes will go through the roof; educational funding will rise to ridiculous levels but there will be no discernable improvement in students grades or learning levels; new hippy-dippy programs will be started with great fanfare and then abandoned with no further oversight; numerous cities will become safe havens for illegal immigrants; and just a general “spend like there is no tomorrow” atmosphere will run the state. That is going to hurt a lot of people, including many that the Democrats supposedly want to help. Heaven help us should the day ever come when Democrats gain control of the State Government.

  2. The Republican legislators are trying to convince a judge that the state shouldn’t have to repay the $1 billion that the legislator stole from our schools. The judge was told that the legislator did have the funds to give corporate tax breaks worth at least $200 million per year, but those tax cuts can’t be touched because they were part of Jan Brewer and legislators plan to “improve the states finances down the road”. I highly recommend today’s article by Howard Fischer on the trial, it’s in today’s Arizona Daily Star.

  3. republican party says its the party of financial responsibility. yet we are one billion dollars short to finance their budget and they say they can’t afford to pay the schools money they owe them. I do not see this mentioned in tv ads.

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