An independent expenditure committee, the Committee Opposing Proposition 123, has been formed for the Vote No on Prop. 123 campaign. See a bare bones web page at This is going to be a grassroots effort of individuals because businesses care more about receiving even more corporate welfare tax cuts than the education of Arizona’s children. “Prop. 123, more tax cuts for me!

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Arizona’s “education leaders” have already committed themselves to this bad settlement agreement in Cave Creek Unified School District et al. v. Ducey because our lawless Tea-Publican legislature and governor have said that this is the only deal they will get.  If the Court orders them to pay a judgment for the full amount of restitution owed for the legislature’s theft of the school districts’ inflation adjustment funds, they will create a constitutional crisis by refusing to comply with the court’s order.

This is a unprecedented level of lawlessness that warrants impeachment, but the governor’s co-conspirators are the same people who would sit in judgment for impeachment. It is a breakdown of the constitutional democratic process that can only be remedied by the electoral defeat of Tea-Publicans in the legislature in November.

Some of the campaign themes revealed at a presentation last night include:

“Let’s fund education without stealing from our children’s future”

“No corporate tax cuts on the backs of our children”

“Graduation caps, not education funding cap”

Arizona Treasurer Jeff DeWit reportedly has contacted this committee and expressed an interest in working with them.

DeWit will be at Tucson’s Metropolitan Education Commission meeting on Wednesday, January 20, 4:00 p.m., at the Tucson Public Library, Lower Level Meeting Room, 101 N. Stone Ave., Tucson, AZ. Dewit has been vocal about his opposition to Prop 123. The full agenda of the meeting can be found at the MEC office at 930 E. Broadway, or call 670-0055. MEC can also be contacted by e-mail at