Frame Shop: Swinging Independents and Republicans to Voting Democratic


President Jimmy Carter recomended a series of questions for those who aren’t sure how they should vote. I found these immensely well stated. You really do have to eliminate the clutter and rhetoric of the Right and pose stark contrasting values to make the choice abundantly clear: Daily Kos: Questions and Answers.

"I had lunch in Plains with a family from Panama City, and a high school girl asked me why she should be a Democrat.

I asked her a series of questions that all bloggers should use in discussions:

Do you prefer peace or war?

Do favor tax breaks for the richest Americans or working families?

Would you rather destroy the environment or protect it?

Do you approve the torture of prisoners?

Do you think our government should secretly spy on your family?

Do you think we should abandon every nuclear arms control agreement negotiated since Dwight Eisenhower was president?

Do you approve of your part of the national debt now being $28,000 per person and increasing by $300 each month?

Do you think we should meld religion and government?

She gave me the Democratic answer to all the questions, and I believe that most Americans will agree, no matter if their state is red or blue.

It is sometimes easy to forget what a brilliant feel for the American character and values Jimmy Carter has, given his widely denegrated tenure as President. But recall that Carter came zooming out of nowhere, much like Dean, as an unknown Governor of a state that hasn’t been very important in national politics. Only Carter won the Primary fight and went on to win the General. He had an air of scandal at his back from a failed Presidency, too, and he played it perfectly with his signature line, "I will never lie to the American people." Unfortunately for him, he kept his word, and Americans didn’t much care for the Truth after all. Obviously, however, this is a man Democrats should be listening to right now.

I also highly recommend Carter’s recent book, Our Endangered Values: America’s Moral Crisis. Carter addresses what should be a central concern of every democrat and Democrat: actively bringing the so-called ‘Values Voter’ back to the side of democracy, civil society, limited government, and social responsiblity toward our poor, our oppressed, our children, our legacy, and the heath of our planet. Too many people have been seduced and blinded by the ideology of hate that the Theocratic Right has used to wedge these people of conscience away from voting for responsible candidates. More than anything else, reconcilling these voters to secular and rational governance will be the great political feat of this era.


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  1. Jimmy Carter is, without question, our greatest ex-president with Bill Clinton running a close second. Carter has opted for a life of service, living his conviction about what he should do with himself. Rather than chasing aggressively after money, he has chosen to give of himself with a program of good works which includes the Habitat for Humanity and monitoring elections in countries around the world. I wish he would monitor the elections in the United States next time! Jimmy Carter and I have the same thing in mind – Democratic values. Speaking just a week ago, I ended with questions on values which are now up on my web page. I always did think that great minds run in the same channels. (Blush!)

  2. Today you saw The Bush Administration set up Jon Kyl as the “Indian Scout” to test the waters on Border Enforcement and Illegal Immigration,that President Bush stated at Davis Monthan needed a Guest Worker program and Secure Borders, but did not address what to do with 20 million in The Country now,that as just released will increase our Population to 500 million by mid century instead of 2080; half a Billion with the Government we have now working on two cylinders and can’t even get Prescription part D right? Doctors are being told they don’t exist by Pharmacies; Customers are taking Precriptions to have them filled at the same Pharmacy that they had them filed for years and are being told they have NO INSURANCE!

    It might have been cheaper to have Mexico as the 51st State instead of Nation Building in Iraq!

  3. Iam a Member of The Carter Center since it was founded, that is not bragging,Iam proud to be a member from Building Houses for those who can’t afford them to Great Work in Africa.
    Jimmy was scheduled to visit and stay at my home right here in Tucson and Legislative District 26, in 1978. We had talked and as he toured the Country staying at homes we were set to see if he really made his bed in the morning.

    Unfortunatly the Iran Hostage situation stopped his visit and he appologized for not being able to visit then but the invitation is still open, on both ends.

    That sums up what he was all about,he was not afraid to go outside the box for advise,this dismayed the beltway neocons who wanted his attention.