ad: ‘Open’


Posted by AzBlueMeannie:

The progressive on Thursday launched a new ad campaign
attacking Speaker John Boehner and congressional Republicans over the
government shutdown. Progressive Veterans Group Slams Boehner, Republicans Over Shutdown :

The 30 second ad — which features Redge Ranyard, a 91-year-old World War II Navy Veteran who
chastises Republicans, and specifically Boehner, over their partisan
rhetoric in the shutdown fight and accuses them of not working on behalf
of average Americans and veterans.

* * *

“Republicans in Congress say their government shutdown is an ‘epic
battle.’ I fought in six epic battles, fighting the Nazis. Congressmen,
your shutdown is not an epic battle. It’s bad governance,” Raynard says
over images of Boehner and his war memorabilia.

“Americans and
American veterans like me depend on the entire government being open. I
served this nation with honor. Today, I can’t say the same about most
Republicans in Congress,” Raynard adds before the ad ends with
instructions on calling Boehner’s office.

Video below the fold.