Want to Leave the Union? Just Move…


By Michael Bryan

Crybaby2It seems a lot of folks are so upset by that black Muslim Communist winning a second term that they are ready to split… from the Union. People from more than 20 states have created petitions on the White House web site to allow their states to leave the Union. Including Arizona, of course. You can get a look at this modern George Washington who started Arizona's petition in a report from CBS5.

I actually can sympathize with these folks to some extent. I was pretty darn upset and disappointed when George W. Bush stole the Presidency (IMHO) in 2000. I said, and wrote, a bunch of stupid and angry things at the time. I'm sure that many will similarly regret their pique and come back to their senses when the black helicopters fail to land on their lawns.

What I never did was give up on America. These folks seem to have done so. Thier hatred and fear of Obama, and liberalism (or to be more stingingly accurate – moderate conservatism) in general, is apparently greater than their love of their country. I find this surprising. I never suspected that the conservatives I disagree with didn't love their country and respect our democratic system – now I have evidence to the contrary.

If you love America, you stay and fight to make it a better place – no matter what happens in government. Conservatives and jingoists (if there is any non-overlapping domain in that Venn diagram) often say, "America – love it, or leave it!" Doesn't it mean you don't love it if you choose to leave it? 

Just look at America today. We have a re-elected Democratic President, a Democratic Senate, we are winding down Bush's wars, and America has a growing sense of purpose in addressing the massive political and economic problems of our nation. Who could have predicted this in the slough of despond we progressives found ourselves in 2000? Would any of that have been possible if Democrats had decamped for Canada en masse, or tried to sever our liberal states from the Union?

If you love your country, you stay and fight to make it better – you don't slink off with your toys because you don't like the way the game is going. Maybe that's why the cowards who sign these petitions to the White House don't display thier last names. They are (rightfully) embarrassed.


  1. Mike, is it unpatriotic to hope a few states — at least Texas — actually secede? I’m not saying I want to leave, but wouldn’t the loss of a state or two help us create a “more perfect union”? I’m just asking.

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