Warren Stewart: Gallego Is White. Don’t Vote For Her


Posted by Bob Lord

Some months ago, I called on Warren Stewart to disown the remarks of his supporter Mary Rose Wilcox.

Now I'm calling on Wilcox to disown Stewart's remarks. And retract her endorsement.

You have to see this to believe it — STEWART CAMPAIGN FLYER

The message — from Stewart's own campaign — is clear: "Kate Gallego is not a Latina, she's white. Don't be fooled by her last name — here's her white face and blonde hair." The part about Stewart supporting the Latino community for 36 years is a throwaway line. The plain purpose of the flyer is to point out that Gallego is white.

Stewart may be a member of the clergy, but he has the ethics of a snail. This is blatant race-baiting. It's beyond disgusting. Hopefully, this is the last gasp of a dying snake. It's stunning that he hasn't lost endorsements yet.

[Disclaimer: I have contributed to Kate Gallego's campaign and support her candidacy]