Washington Post Names BlogForArizona Arizona’s Best Political Blog

By Michael Bryan

The Washington Post has named BlogForArizona the best political blog in Arizona.

Were-number-oneCongratulations to the wonderful bloggers who have hung their shingles here at BlogForArizona! I think our bloggers are the best, so it's nice to know that readers think so, too.

I will note that we did not campaign for the nomination, nor the selection. The selection was entirely based on readers' spontaneous nominations. Thanks to all of you!

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0 responses to “Washington Post Names BlogForArizona Arizona’s Best Political Blog

  1. Congratulations to all of you at Blog for Arizona, you deserve this honor.

    Carolyn Classen

  2. Well deserved, friends! Congratulations!

  3. movingazforward

    Congratulations! Thank you for being a shining beacon of outstanding journalism among the darkness that is Arizona media. Keep up the great work, bloggers extraordinaire. We need you!

  4. Brian Clymer

    Well done, Blog for Arizona! Well deserved too.

  5. Mohur Sidhwa

    Congrats to all of you. So proud of you guys. Real news and opinions, no fluff. Thank you!

  6. Honored to contribute my relentless pursuit of daily physical activity for children. Thanks to David Safier for making it an issue on the Blog for Arizona!

  7. According to the original Washigton Post call for submissions, WP readers were asked to nominate their favorite political blogs. The WP made the final decision– with the goal of having at least one political blog in each of the 50 states. This was not a popularity contest, like American Idol, where the most votes wins. This was based upon the blog’s delivery of solid local and state political news, and it was open to blogs across the political spectrum. Some states have multiple winners. Alaska, Hawaii, and West Virginia have no winners.

    Yes, the blog didn’t actively hawk this contest with self promotion posts, but I must confess that I did suggest to people that we be nominated. WP and our content did the rest.

    Congratulations to us.