Watch AZ Citizens Clean Elections debates online – LD 2 and LD 14 races


Arizona CCEC (Citizens Clean Elections Commission) hosted 2 debates last week in Southern Arizona:

LD 2 Senate and  House at the Hilton Garden Inn on Sept. 27: State Senator Andrea Dalessandro (D) vs. Republican challenger Shelley Kais; Representative Chris Ackerley (R), Representative Rosanna Gabaldon (D) & Daniel Hernandez Jr. (D) vying for 2 seats in the House of Representatives

View this  LD 2 debate online here:


LD 14 Senate and House at the Benson City Council Chambers on Sept. 28: Democratic State Senate candidate Jaime Alvarez; 2 open seats in the House being sought by Mike Holmes (D), Drew John (R), Jason Lindstrom (D), and Becky Nutt (R).

LD 14 State Senator Gail Griffin (R) did not attend, and she is not a clean elections candidate.

View this LD 14 debate online here:

Stay tuned  for LD 3 debate on Oct. 3 (held tonight), LD 11 debate on Oct. 4,  LD 9 debate on October 14, and LD 10 debate on Oct. 18. See our Calendar for more details.

Then vote wisely on or before Nov. 8, 2016. Early ballots go out on Oct. 12.


  1. Thanks for posting this video. I was unable to find what I regarded as sufficient information about the views of the candidates in the state senate race, and then I found this video and I think it has helped both on the senate race and the house race.

    Also, thanks to all the candidates, it is not in my view trivially easy to run or to formulate answers to the various questions.

    • You’re welcome. This LD 2 video has gotten 124 views, and the LD 14 one has 298 views, probably due to being 2 open seats for the House.

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