We Have Failed Our Children

We have failed.
As Americans, we have failed to stop the gun violence that plagues our country.
As Americans, we have elected those candidates who fetishize guns and allowed them to pass laws that create tragedies like this.
As Americans, we have created a culture that believes the Second Amendment is infallible when it is, in fact, the single most tragically misinterpreted and abused part of our Constitution.
As Arizonans, we have a duty and an obligation to make certain our schools and our schools are safe from this violence.
As Arizonans, it is up to do us to our part to prevent this from happening here or anywhere.
As your President of the Sunnyside Unified School District, I have made it my personal mission to make sure our schools are safe spaces for every kid. From Day One, our Board has made student and teacher safety our number one mission.
I will stop at nothing to work at  preventing these kinds of tragedies from ever happening in our district  and across the county and state.
And while we also pray for the grieving families, remind yourselves that the unspeakable loss must be met with sure swift action.
We must elect leaders to pass laws with real teeth so that no mother or father has to ever bury their child again.

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  1. Very true Consuelo. We didn’t grow up & attend elementary school thinking that a deranged gunman could fire an assault weapon and kill some of us in class. But now that is the reality for my granddaughter. Some say this has become a “way of life” in America, and let us work together & pray that is not the case.

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