Welcome to Day 1 of the Tea Party Sequester


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Welcome to Day 1 of the Tea Party Sequester. The Tea Party economic terrorists took credit for the sequester earlier in the week. Tea party claims credit as deep cuts loom:

WreckingCrewSince the day they were swept to power more than two years ago, the
tea party’s legions in Washington have made dramatic federal spending
cuts the centerpiece of an economic message that has dominated the
national debate.

Now they’re about to get what they wanted.

Deep reductions in domestic and defense spending
begin Friday, a process known as sequestration, which will make
progress toward the tea party’s goal of shrinking government. What
unfolds over the following months will be a high-stakes test of whether
significant cuts in spending will help or hurt the economy — and the
Republican Party’s brand.

The cuts, worth $1.2 trillion over 10 years, are to become reality after several years during which the tea party
— a group of Republicans elected in 2010 with the goal of radically
shrinking government — has struggled to have a lasting impact on

* * *

[M]any Republicans say the sequester is the moment when the tea party
can claim it has made its mark. Although both Democratic and Republican
leaders are pointing fingers, the tea party and its allies are happily
accepting credit for the cuts.

The Tea Party economic terrorists are not just holding the American economy hostage to their extremist demands, but they are holding the TanMan, Weeper of the House John Boehner and the Congress hostage as well — only because John Boehner cares more about "his precious" title of Speaker of the House than he does about the fate of the American economy.

The weakest speaker in modern American history lacks the high principles, moral judgement and courage to throw the Tea Party economic terrorists into the figurative dungeon of the Congress and to deny them power. He fears they will retaliate by taking away "his precious" title of Speaker of the House.

For those of you old enough to remember, John Boehner is the Patty Hearst of our era, taken hostage by the Symbionese Liberation Army, and through the Stockholm syndrome, has empathized with and bonded with his captors to join them. He has become "Tania."

But the Tea Party economic terrorists in Congress are just the puppets. The puppeteers are the malefactors of great wealth and economic royalists of the 1%, the far-right billionaires who fund the far-right conservative movement and conservative media entertainment complex that makes them possible. They are singularly commited to the First Commandment of the modern Tea-Publican Party orthodoxy: "There shalt not be any new taxes." This orthodoxy is a matter of religious faith. To agree to new taxes would be to reject their faith. Which is why the Tea-Publican position on new taxes is non-negotiable.

The Tea-Publicans in Congress are committted to destroying government
because government is bad in their socio-economic-politico-religious
world view. The prosperity theology
of the 1% they serve is a belief system that these malefactors of great wealth and economic royalists are divinely entitled to
rule over us all by virtue of their great wealth. Democracy threatens their economic hegemony. They are not playing
by the age-old democratic principles of political compromise and good government. They are engaged in a "crusade" of economic terrorism.

Ezra Klein brilliantly broke down the political stalemate in which we find ourselves in this segment of The Last Word below. It represents a threat to the very foundation of our democratic form of government.

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