Welcome Will B. Greene to BlogForArizona!


Editor MDB- I have long recognized the lack of any specific expertise in environmental issues among our writers, with the notable exception of occasional contributor Russell Lowes. We at BfAZ are all passionate about the need to preserve our environment as the foundation of all human well-being and wealth, but the crew of bloggers and I recently decided that we should invite someone with the relevant academic, scientific, and policy knowledge to write regularly and authoritatively about environmental issues affecting Arizona.

Will B. Greene (no, that is not a pseudonym!) answered our call. I asked Will to introduce himself to you. We are thrilled that Will is joining our conversation here at BfAZ. Please look for his byline for environmental news and commentary in coming days, and leave a comment with your suggestions and encouragement for our newest blogger.

By Will B. Greene

It’s an honor to receive an invitation to contribute “environmentally focused” posts for this blog – a blog that has made a significant impact on Arizona’s political discussion since its inception as Howard Dean’s Arizona campaign blog in 2003. I’ll briefly introduce myself below.

You could say I am a monster created somewhere deep in Michael Crow’s Tempe laboratory. President Crow’s School of Sustainability brought me to Tempe, and opened my eyes to the tremendous challenges Arizona, our nation, and world face if we hope to maintain our relatively comfortable and affluent society.

In Arizona, all other environmental concerns must take a back seat to the planetary emergency of climate change, and I expect most of my writing will directly or indirectly focus on climate impacts, solutions, and the politics in Arizona that affect both.

I have a unique perspective on Arizona’s energy and environmental situation, having been associated with solar advocate and Corporation Commissioner Paul Newman as a special assistant in his policy office, and most recently as his campaign manager.

My environmental background comes from my experience as a student, founding Arizona Student Environmental Coalition, a statewide student group focused on energy, climate, and environment. I am proud to serve on committees with Arizona Interfaith Power and Light, an organization committed to providing a “religious response to climate change”, as well as Sierra Club’s Grand Canyon chapter, and Environment Arizona.



  1. Great news, BfAZ. I’m thrilled that Will will be (heh) joining your ranks. I worked with Will a couple of years ago at a 350.org/Tour de Fat event, and I know him to be a passionate, articulate, hard-working advocate for environmental issues. His voice will be such an asset. Welcome Will!