Wes Clarke Speaks Truth to Power


Wes Clarke, who endorsed Gabby Giffords for Congress recently (which is really about as surprising as revealing that lox go well with bagels), recently gave a speech about the importance of this election to American national security.

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  1. Michael:

    Delighted to see you posted this. I included a link to this at my place as well, today as a refresher and last week when he endorsed Giffords. Amazing, especially the seven country, five year plan.

    I hope a lot of people watch it.

    Sometime when and if it makes sense, I would be very interested in your opinion of Olberman. Linked to a couple of his commentaries today.

    By the way, you really should check out the trailer for Network.

  2. The Democtatic Party was made by Union members, and put them on the map. When Union Members are in trouble where is The Democratic Party??
    Where is Governor Janet Napolitano who refuses to repeal The Right To Work status of Arizona to favor Illegal Immigrant workers rights,over those of the American worker and Union member?

    Where is Giffords; oh yea I forgot she is to busy making phoney deals with a bridge to nowhere and signing multi million dollar land lease deals that benefit her defunct family business then puts herself on a State Board of oversight of EPA land swaps for Rio Nuevo’s (1) one Trillion dollar price tag!

    Where is the City Council when it comes to raising the Minimum wage in Tucson;oh yea I forgot they ran on getting elected by repealing the Trash pick up fee only to find out they CAN”T do it!! Another bunch of Phoneys!!!

    The Voters are fed up to here with politics as usual and don’t get up set about anything just trust these Business owners and Lawyers to work for your best interests my Brothers and Sisters; all I can say is what a load of CRAP and lets show them on election day just who is in charge!!!

  3. Since Wes Clark is a Retired General who knows that Raytheon is the only defense contractor sypplying all the branches of the Defense Department from Tanks; Aircraft;missile systems; etc; I can say to all those Raytheon employees who voted to Strike GOD BLESS YOU FOR STANDING UP TO CORPORATE WHORES LIKE GABRIELLE GIFFORDS AND RAYTHEON MANAGEMENT whodemean the very worker that is making thembillions in profits.

    The AFL-CIO United Food And Commericial Workers Union that backs Giffords has caved into her and Corporate America by taking a BAD CONTRACT a few months ago that set Union Workers in Arizona and California back 21 years!!! It had the same language in it as the Raytheon Contract and Food Workers were scared off by threats from people like Giffords and Corporate managers at Raytheon like AROD Rodriguez who also ran for Congress and screwed up the Tucson Unified School District by giving out money alocated for Teachers bonuses for everything but teaches bonuses!

    It time to throw the bastads out and do not elect Corporate whores to Congress; lets vote anyone but business whores who jump parties to take advantage of you and me!!!

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