What the Hell is Happening at PimaGOP?

I recently noticed this newsletter from Pima GOP. [underline emphasis added, bold in original.]

Your Pima County Republican Party, Legislative District’s Executive Committees, and volunteers are diligently
working to reorganize headquarters, replace and upgrade computers and printers, and rebuild the Pima County Republican Party website (www.pimagop.org) and social media platforms for a fresh start.
Stay tuned for a new look to upcoming newsletters and articles which will replace E-Tracks and E-Pulse!

Resourceful and collaborative teams are making progress in recovering expunged information to rebuild physical and electronic data from Precinct Committeemen lists, the past two years of Executive Committee Monthly Meeting Minutes, Treasurer’s Reports and Accounting Records. Please note, electronic donation channels were deleted, so we do not have comprehensive internal records for fundraising programs like Trunk n Tusk, Lincoln Day Dinner or general donor lists. We only have access to what is included on the SoS website (https://azsos.gov/), which does not include phone or email information. Please reach out to us if you would like to continue, or begin, donating to the Pima County Republican Party.  (At this time donations via check can be mailed to Pima County Republican Party 1800 E. Ft. Lowell Rd. Suite 126 Tucson, AZ  85719 until we can establish a secure internet platform to receive and report donations.)
We pledge to be excellent stewards of your contribution, both grateful for and transparent about every single penny, along with impeccable record-keeping.

WTF? It sounds like all the county party’s records and electronic resources were scrubbed and they are having to start over from scratch? I asked new Chairman Dave Smith what the heck happened, but he has – unsurprisingly – not gotten back to me, yet. I’m not holding my breath…

We at BfAZ have been watching with amusement and a touch of schadenfreude the civil war raging within the AZGOP (and in the GOP nationally) that occasionally leaks out to us in the sane world, but I think it a reasonable conjecture that the losing side in PimaCo has stooped to sabotaging the data and resources of the party to thwart the incoming victors.

Looking for more info from my few remaining Republican sources, but if you know anything about this, please leave us the juicy deets in the comments. Anything credible and useful will be promoted to an UPDATE on this post.

UPDATE 1/27/23: This was an interesting final message on Facebook from just before the PimaGOP reorg: