What Time is it? It is Time for Trump (aka Individual One) to Go.



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On Monday, April 22, 2019 the Democratic Leadership led by Speaker Pelosi reaffirmed their intentions to continue Congressional Investigations building on the voluminous results of the Mueller Investigation and other potential misdeeds by this “President” and members of his administration.

She would not commit to instantly commencing impeachment hearings.

This due diligence on the part of the Speaker and the other Democratic Leaders is prudent and wise. Congressional oversight is necessary to follow up on the findings of the Mueller Report. Witnesses need to be called to testify and their accounts before Congress and to the Mueller Investigators verified. Evidence needs to be gathered and corroborated.

If all the evidence from testimony and exhibits shows that impeachment or censure, at the very least, is necessary to maintain our Republic and save the soul of the nation, then Democrats in Congress must vote to remove or condemn the President.

This is a matter that will not be solved overnight. Remember Watergate was a two and a half year process as well from the break-in to Nixon’s resignation. Democrats need to stay focused and perform their constitutional duties (Lord knows most of the shrinking number of Trumpist-Republicans will not help) while also working on passing legislation that will help the American People and move the country forward.

Democrats need to stop being worried about how the Trumpist-Republicans or even the apathetic will react if they pursue these investigations. So what if these investigations galvanize his religious hypercritical, obtuse and imbecilic supporters. Remember there are more who support the Progressive Agenda and more who want to vote the Popular Vote Loser out (remember more did not vote for him in the first place) than those who back Individual One. Shame on Democrats if they do not rise to the occasion through either their representatives on the floors of Congress or election day by turning out to vote in greater numbers (like there are) than the people who support the KKK President. Shame on Democrats if they cower to Trumpist-Republican bullying or Media overanalysis. Remember the only radical Presidential Candidate in 2020 who will take the country further back is the one endorsed by the KKK and a minority of the American People. It is far better for Democrats to run ads challenging Trumpist-Republican Candidates (especially the Senate ones) to defend someone endorsed by the KKK and facing trial at the very least as a Co-Conspirator than along with the ads on the issues the American People support. If impeachment or censure is warranted, Democrats need to stand up and fight for what they believe and for the country.

It is time to stand up and, like Senator Elizabeth Warren has alluded to, fight for the soul of our country. While issues like healthcare and the environment are very important, deciding what kind of country the United States is equally important and people have to decide whether they are comfortable with an immoral individual who harbors criminal tendencies and dictatorial desires as their leader.

In 1992, Senator Al Gore gave a rousing acceptance speech accepting the nomination to become Governor Bill Clinton’s Vice President. In it, he criticized the Bush/Quayle Administration, verbally listing all their faults and finishing each item by saying “It is time for them to go.” Eventually, the whole Convention audience started chiming in with Gore who finished this part of his speech with “What time is it?”

It is time for the American People to consider the experience of the last two and a half years of Mr. Trump (aka Individual One)  and his sycophants and ask that question Gore asked in 1992 if the case for impeachment or other criminal activity is proven: “What time is it?”

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David Gordon
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