What’s it going to be Guv, yes or no?

Earlier this week, the Arizona Republic published this report, Brewer mulls whether to seek re-election:

As Gov. Jan Brewer prepares to announce whether she will run for re-election, she said she is weighing whether she is prepared “to let go” and leave leadership of the state and its economy in someone else’s hands.

She cited the major reforms undertaken in the five-plus years of her administration, including her focus on making the state more economically competitive and improving the educational system.

“I’ve had a plan for the state from the beginning, and I want to be sure that that plan is going to be completed 100 percent,” she said Monday. “If not me, then who?”

Brewer said she will announce her decision around the first of March.

Time’s up, its now March 1st. What’s it going to be Guv, yes or no?

4 responses to “What’s it going to be Guv, yes or no?

  1. Her puppetmasters are sure taking their time with this one.

  2. Jan Brewer improved the Arizona educational system? That’s hilarious and totally untrue.

  3. brucedesertrat

    This is rich, wingnuts hoist by their own petard.

    She’s termed out. She was perfectly happy to go along when the voters eviscerated democracy by restricting who I could vote for, and along the way handed the state off to the lobbyists.

    There ARE term limits, they’re called elections, we hold ’em every couple of years. Term limit laws are the coward’s way out.

  4. Carolyn Classen

    It’s very difficult to let go of power. If she runs, she will be 70 years old by November 4, 2014.