Arizona Congressional District Five House Representative Andy Biggs does not know when to shut up.

Since COVID 19 enveloped the country, Mr. Biggs (or maybe he should be called Dr. Death) has been wrong on all his Coronavirus positions.


He was wrong on:

  • Saying people should not wear masks.
  • The state should reopen in the middle of the pandemic
  • In-person instruction should occur at the state’s public schools.
  • Calling for Drs. Birx and Fauci to resign and the Coronavirus task force to disband.
  • Being against all the COVID 19 relief measures that have come before the House of Representatives.

Now the Freedom Circ…Caucus Chairperson wants to follow in the Mad King Donald Trump’s footsteps and peddle the same drug hydroxychloroquine as a cure for COVID 19 that has been championed by “Dr.” Stella X File Immanuel, the one who believes in the demonic possession of patients and alien DNA being injected into human beings.

Andy Biggs must have studied medicine at Trump University.

Joan Greene, the Democratic Congressional District Nominee (who believes in reality and science) immediately attacked Biggs for his Trump Zone-Fox Island position, stating:

Arizona 2020 Democratic Nominee Congressional District Five Joan Greene

“Congressman Andy Biggs’ loyalty to Trump’s dangerous agenda has simply gone too far.”

“He’s now strongly touting a potentially dangerous treatment for COVID-19. His false claims put American lives at risk.”

“And let’s not forget, this is the same man who voted against every COVID-19 relief package.”

“Today’s headline in the Arizona Republic sums it up best, Rep. Andy Biggs goes full-out corona crazy, touting unproven cure for COVID-19.”

“We deserve better from a member of Congress. But Andy Biggs is just “a congressman dabbling in quackery.”

“I will always stand with science and for the safety of the American people. But I need your help to ensure every voter in Arizona’s 5th district knows just how dangerous Biggs truly is.”

Matt Grodsky, the spokesperson of the Arizona Democratic Party, also issued a statement critical of Biggs stating:

“Biggs appears to be trying to one-up himself every month with irresponsible and dangerous policy positions. For those living in CD5 the facts are clear — Biggs voted no on getting you economic relief, he pushed for re-opening despite dire warnings from experts, he’s suggested that the freeze on evictions be lifted, and he’s now touting harmful drugs with no regard for your safety. It goes without saying that this is not a man worthy of serving Arizonans in Congress. Joan Greene offers real leadership for CD5 and voters will choose her on November 3rd.”

The People of House Congressional District Five deserve better than an imbecilic right-wing fringe reactionary figure that is willing to risk their lives on disproven theories and a desire to please the President of Betrayal.

There is a person that they could choose to lead them into reality and that person is Joan Greene. 

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