Where is FAUX News outrage over GOP voter suppression?


Posted  by AzBlueMeanie:

Remember during the 2012 election, Colin Small, who worked for Pinpoint Stafffing, hired by the Republican Party of Virginia to register voters, was arrested for throwing away voter registration forms? Small previously worked for an Arizona firm called Strategic Allied Consultingrun by a man named Nathan Sproul — which was paid $1.3 million by the RNC
to do voter registration work this cycle [2012]. The RNC fired the firm after
reports came out that it had submitted hundreds of suspicious
registration forms in Florida.*

Well, it turns out that Colin Small has been allowed to walk by the court in Virginia. WTF?
Republican Who Tossed Voter Registration Forms Let Off The Hook

The young Republican who grabbed national headlines after being arrested for throwing voter registration forms into a dumpster before the 2012 election won't be facing any legal consequences.

A judge in Virginia dropped
several misdemeanor charges against Colin Small on Wednesday, meaning
the 23-year-old will not face any penalties for discarding a number of
voter registration forms. Felony charges were dropped back in April, but Small was still facing five misdemeanor counts until this week.

Small had been registering voters on behalf of the Republican Party
and was paid by Strategic Allied Consulting until the Republican
National Committee ended its relationship with the firm.
When he tossed the voter registration forms in the dumpster behind a
strip mall down the street from the Republican headquarters, Small was
being paid by Pinpoint Staffing, which was closely associated with
Strategic Allied Consulting.

Small's lawyer John C. Holloran argued that Small simply made a mistake
and wasn't trying to purposefully prevent anyone from registering to
vote."Being careless or making a mistake shouldn't have resulted in criminal charges," Holloran said.

Riiight. It was all just an innocent mistake. How many times a day do you hear that in court? "Well, OK then. My apologies. Please, you are free to go."

FAUX News Fraudcasting spent years fabricating stories about ACORN to drive that organization out of business. Where is FAUX News "fair and balanced" outrage over the voter suppression efforts that Arizona's own Nathan Sproul has engaged in for years? (and still does).

* Nathan Sproul also faced election fraud allegations in 2004. Nevertheless, the
Republican Party, candidates and interest groups have paid Sproul and
his linked firms $21.2 million over the past nine years.

UPDATE: A must-read post by Steve Muratore, How will Michele Reagan "fight voter fraud?" Hire Mr. Voter Fraud himself, Nathan Sproul!. That's right, the sponsor of the Voter Suppression Act, HB 2305, has the GOP's voter suppression expert working on her newly formed, deceptively named committee Protect Our Secret Ballot, for the purpose of misleading and confusing voters over the referendum for the "citizens veto" of HB 2305. Shameless.