Ask most establishment Dems — you know, the Ready for Hillary crowd — and they’ll tell you it was those third-party voters who cost Hillary the election.

Progressives see it differently (I’ll stop there).


But what if all those Stein voters (truth is, there weren’t that many) could have had their votes count for Clinton just in case Stein didn’t out poll Clinton? Well, we’d know for sure those Stein voters didn’t cost Clinton the election, right? Less hand wringing, right? Truer results, right?

Truth is, I’m not sure that can be done in Presidential races, but it can in all others.

It’s called ranked voting. Or sometimes automatic runoff. The idea is simple. If no candidate from a field of more than 2 gets over 50% of the vote, the last place candidate is eliminated and the second choice of his/her voters becomes their votes. And so on, until a candidate gets over 50%.

The state of Maine just passed a ballot initiative to make ranked voting a reality.

This should be the beginning of a movement.

And Arizona should be next. We, progressives and establishment Dems, should be able to come together on this.

Let’s do it!