White House to the conservative media entertainment complex: ‘Here’s your photo, now STFU!’


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

For those of you who do not have the intestinal fortitude to suffer the mindless stupidity of the conservative media entertainment complex that is FAUX News Fraudcasting, their faux scandal of the week was that President Obama said he and his guests at Camp David go skeet shooting "all the time." The hue and cry from the mindless morons of FAUX News Fraudcasting was "Oh yeah, prove it!" Suddenly they had a new long-form birth certificate scandal to promote to the scared old white people who watch FAUX News Fraudcasting all day: "SkeeterGate."

The feckless corporate "lamestream media" demonstrated what a bunch of worthless losers they are by following the lead of the conservative media entertainment complex: "If they are talking about, so do we!" Even the Washington Post's subjective "fact" checker, Glenn Kessler, had to get in on the act with this fact check column that was republished in our sad small town newspaper, the Arizona Daily Star. White House mum on Obama's skeet-shooting claim.

The White House did not want to let this "SkeeterGate" nonsense to get out of control like the long-form birth certificate nonsense did, and decided to "shoot it down" on Saturday by releasing an official White House photo from last August of President Obama shooting skeet at Camp David. In short, the White House told the conservative media entertainment complex, "here's your photo, now STFU!" White House posts photo of Obama skeet shooting.


(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

At least President Obama hasn't shot any of his guests in the face like Vice President Dick "Shooter" Cheney.

FAUX News Fraudcasting no doubt will now use this photo to gin up a "scary black man with a gun" meme and try to tie Obama to the New Black Panther Party, you just watch. They are shameless fear mongers bent on scaring old white people who are their only viewers.

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show had the best takedown of the utter stupidity of the conservative media entertainment complex and the feckless corporate "lamestream media" in this segment.

UPDATE: the Washington Post's subjective "fact" checker, Glenn Kessler, now says The issue is finally settled. Oh, he doesn't get how the conservative media entertainment complex that thrives on conspiracy theories works. It is never settled, they just invent a new conspiracy theory.


  1. Oh, don’t worry, they’ll be examining every pixel for the obvious forgeries. Expect Donald Trump to call in Joe Arpaio for an in-depth investigation, since Five-star Joe eliminated all crime from Maricopa county years ago thankes to green baloney and magic pink underwear.

    If it weren’t for pout-rage, the conservatives would’t have any rage at all.