Why Americans are so ignorant and ill-informed


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

When Jay Leno does his "Jaywalking" segment asking people on the street basic questions about civics and political leaders that almost no one answers correctly, we are supposed to find this funny. I find it shocking and shameful. Being informed is a duty of being an American citizen.

So why are Americans so ignorant and ill-informed? Most of them get their news from the "tee-vee," and most of these "tee-vee" viewers are watching FAUX News Fraudcasting or TeaNN (formerly known as CNN).

Talking Points Memo reports, Gallup: Fox News The Top Source Of Televised News:

A study released Monday by Gallup
found that television is the leading source of news for most Americans
and that, among specific sources of televised news, Fox News tops all

According to Gallup, 55 percent of U.S. adults identified television
as their main source of news, compared with 21 percent who said the
Internet, nine percent who said print and six percent who said the

Eight percent identified Fox News as their top source, while seven
percent gave the nod to CNN — making the two cable news channels the
leading television sources cited by name in Gallup's survey. No other
channel — including MSNBC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, ABC, the BBC and PBS —
eclipsed one percent in the survey.

So the local yokels "tee-vee" news broadcast must be Americans top news source. God save us! When half of every local news broadcast is the weather report, with sports, entertainment news, and the obligatory personal interest story thrown in, how much time is spent on actually reporting the news? 5 minutes, tops?


  1. Geez, I forget now, do we still need two hands to count all of the owners of these news media sources we have in our country.

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