Why Boehner’s Plan B Was Guaranteed to Fail

posted by John Denker

On Thursday Dec. 20th, House Speaker John Boehner was humiliated by his own party when they refused to vote for his proposal, the so-called Plan B, otherwise known as the Morning-After Bill. He should have known all along that this was a lose/lose/lose proposition. It set the threshold too high to please the technocrats, yet too low to please the cynical political hacks.

As will be explained after the jump, this incident is powerful additional evidence (if any were needed) that Republican legislators don’t care about voters and don’t care about the economy (short-term or long-term). They don’t even care about moderately rich people. All they care about is their ultra-super-rich donors. It’s not about disrespecting 47% of the voters or even 99% of the voters. It’s more like 99.98% of the voters.


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  1. Excellent piece!

    This has got to be one of the most detailed and comprehensive presentations I’ve seen on The Blog for Arizona.

    Very impressive, and right on the money.