Why Does It Always Take Too Long?


Posted by Bob Lord

Well, almost always. When the NATO allicance egaged in Libya a few years back, the action was actually timely. And tens of thousands of lives were saved from what would have been a brutal genocide at the hands of their now deposed dictator.

But Libya was the exception. As genocides transpire, the world watches for far too long before acting. Such is the case in Syria, and Bosnia before Syria. We've been witnessing the slaughter for almost two years now. It's to the point where Assad's forces are reported to be using chemical weapons on a small scale, and also using cluster bombs.

I know the arguments why we're powerless to help the Syrian rebels. But, still, the world is witnessing a genocide and doing precious little to stop it. So much for human progress.

As Americans, we've understandably been self-absorbed since the Newtown tragedy. But innocents are dying every day in Syria at a rate greater than they do here on our worst days. 

If you're interested in doing your small part to help, the Syrian Sunrise Foundation is doing good work and may be able to use your spare dollars to save a life or two, or at least alleviate some misery. I'm sure there are other organizations doing good work here. SSF is just the one I'm familiar with.