Why is this letter from the Goldwater Institute, not the Democratic Party?


Why am I getting a mailer that I completely agree with from the Goldwater Institute? It’s not that I never agree with conservatives (it happens on those rare occasions when they actually talk like conservatives), it’s that I wish liberals were better at choosing to advocate issues that could have significant appeal to independent voters. If we understand and talk about issues that matter to undecided voters, framed by our values, those voters are going to give the Democratic Party another look and consider voting for those candidates that speak to those values.

Nothing boils my progressive liberal blood quicker than a bunch of fat-cats getting massive tax subsidies from my local government. I’ve bitched about this issue before, ironically also in the context of the Goldwater Institutes advocacy on this issue. I consider the practice to be deeply corrupt and counter-productive to sustainable economic development. Strangely, I know the conservative Goldwater Institute agrees with me – they’re telling me so – but I haven’t any idea where the Democratic Party stands on this hot-button issue that is extremely salient to local and state elections. You won’t find a word about it in the Arizona Democratic Party’s platform;
if anything, some parts of the document could be read creatively to
support such tax subsidies – not that anyone reads the bloody thing


By our silence we are allowing the Goldwater Institute to dominate this issue, raise money with it, and divert that money to wing-nuttery like private school vouchers and non-existent eminent domain abuses that mask a ‘regulatory takings’ agenda.

We could be using this populist rocket-fuel to power local Democratic candidacies. Consider the campaign of Salette Latas for Oro Valley town council. She is staking out a strong position on this issue. She’s running in a traditionally very conservative area, building her grassroots organization in conjunction with a campaign opposing a massive give-away of local revenue to a developer who promised the moon and delivered green cheese.

We should be using opposition to tax subsidies to raise awareness on important Democratic values like strengthening local communities, supporting local entrepreneurs and small businesses, sustainable growth, and tax fairness. Hell, a fairly explicit ban of such subsidies is even in our constitution: you can’t get much more politically orthodox than upholding the constitution.

We should be running more of our local candidates on this winning issue. Instead, the Goldwater Institute is being left to own the issue to such an extent that they feel free to send fund-raising letters to Democrats like me and my wife.

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  1. Is this why Hillary Clinton was a GOLDWATER GIRL; and she says;” Iam Your Girl for President?

    $5,000 Tax Payer Funded baby bonds;
    National Healthcare for everyone who is inside the U.S. Borders legal or not:

    $1,000 Tax payer Funded IRA accounts for everyone inside the U.S. Borders legal or not:

    Universal Healthcare Taxpayer Funded for everyone inside the U.S. Borders legal or not:(removing Union Contracted negotiations for healthcare between Companies and rank and file members putting those negotiated contracts on your and my backs and taking responsibility away from both the Union and the Company for its FUNDING!)
    Plus any Country in the World with Universal Healthcare is a failure exporting its people to The United States for operations and care not covered due to Government red tape that takes months and years as the patient dies waiting!

    I can’t wait for the next FREEBEE that takes away more of your and my Freedoms and Liberty and more TAXES to choose just to make them perminant and you and I must beg them for coverage and there 12 year old staff members for help; making the very politicians pushing this crap elected for life and having there own heathcare and pensions and weekly paychecks paid no matter what we the public says as they get a bigger and bigger government!

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