Why We Need to Get Out the Vote

Arizona registered voters & the turnout so far:

REGISTERED 1,151,745 1,288,332 1,238,038
EARLY VOTERS 325,598 429,283 222,713
28% 33% 18%

We can do better! The election is in 8 days.

The Get Out The Vote effort only works when we have enough people who are willing to reach out to all those that are reluctant to vote, don’t know how to vote, or don’t think it matters if they vote.

Will you partner with someone to Get out the vote?

Yesterday we canvassed near Prince Rd in Flowing Wells School District, where I have volunteered for many years with Literacy Connects-Reading Seed Program and with the Jewish Community Relations Council-Making a Difference Every Day: The Homer Davis Project . . . Two exemplary programs that benefit our community. Many people weren’t home, so we left information to help them vote. Those that were home were happy to have more info about the propositions.

We have been connecting the dots over the last 2 years between the issues that are important to Arizonans and the elected officials who handle those issues. Based on this study, we see a distinctly clear picture of those candidates that support Public Ed and those that don’t; those candidates that believe in science and those that don’t; those candidates that want good wages and fair taxes and those that want the top 1% to be the entitled beneficiary.

Below are canvassing and phonebank contacts in Tucson that need help to GOTV.

If you are already working to help GOTV, thank you! You are a shining light in our community.

Yukari Iventosch

Emiliano Martinez

Emily Frost

Also . . .

Matt Lubisich

Steve Timberman

Matt Lubisich

PS: Print the proposition flyer to bring with you.
You will need approximately 15-20 copies per hour of canvassing.

 . . . or another way you can GOTV

Phonebank Newly Registered Voters

Over the last two years, many organizations have been working hard to register voters especially new voters.  The people you will be calling have not voted before and need some encouragement to mail in their ballot or go to the polls.

Invite friends to all call together or call on your own

Please contact either Richard Gooding drrzg@cox.net
or Tamar Rala Kreiswirth info@azgroundgame.org

One response to “Why We Need to Get Out the Vote

  1. Carolyn Classen

    Look at the recent updated registered voters #s in Arizona’s two largest counties:

    Maricopa — Republicans 796,075 Democrats 666,835 (difference of 129,240)
    Pima — Democrats 214,317 Republicans 165,2140 (difference of 49,077)

    GOTV and remember, free rides on transit to the polls on Tuesday in Tucson.