William Johnson is Back as the Leader of the American Nazi, er… Third Position Party

By Michael Bryan

I called it. When Bill Johnson was running for the Democratic nomination to Congress in CD8 in 2006, I said: 

"We need to call bullshit on this candidate. Bill Johnson isn't a Democratic candidate at all. He's a ploy by extremist racists to inject their hateful invective into the Democratic Primary process to make their xenophobic ranting seem bi-partisan, and thus mainstream. They seek to force the media to frame racial hatred as a force in both party's politics, and not just the shameful underbelly of the GOP. They seek to silence critics in the Democratic Party by rebutting us with the rantings of 'one of our own'.

Bill Johnson isn't one of our own. He's not a 'Traditional Democrat'. He's not a Democrat at all. Apparently, you can get 1430 registered Democrats to sign your petitions if you lie to them and use racist militia members and GOP hate-mongers to circulate your petitions in secret. But they can't be allowed to get a single Democrat to vote for their Trojan candidate due to ignorance or due to our silence."

I didn't actually come out and say that Johnson is a white supremacist racist bag of shit, but I wanted to. Now it turns out that clearly he is exactly that. Apparently, unable to find a home in either major party, Johnson and his ilk have created their own.

Third  Mr. Johnson has crawled back from under his rock to take up the mantel of chairman and spokesperson for the American Third Position Party. I'm not sure if the name, as Johnson claims, refers to the idea of there only being two political positions in American politics, and therefore every other party is referred to as a "third party," or if refers subtly to the Third Reich. Or maybe, they just didn't think it through. 

Screen shot 2010-05-23 at 1.11.20 PM
 But I don't think it could be a mistake that Nazi sympathizer and racist Charles Lindberg is one of their mascots. I don't recognize the other two featured on their 'Register' and 'Donate' buttons. If you do, please leave a comment.

UPDATE: Sharp-eyed commenter Todd says: "The man with the hat is Madison Grant, who authored one of the most well-known books of scientific racism that Hitler greatly admired."


Here's Johnson's introduction to his party:

The American Third Position want to get ballot qualified in Arizona to run candidates who understand the code word "identity", and Johnson is leading the effort.

"So what?" you might ask. Why shouldn't they be able to run candidates like any other party in Arizona? Why shouldn't I sign their petitions, even if I disagree with them?

That's one view of liberalism: tolerate everything, even the intolerable which is fundamentally hostile to liberal democracy. That's not my view. I believe that existential threats to the fundamental understandings that make liberal democracy possible should be shunned or destroyed. I would no more support the racist program of the Third Position than I would support an American Taliban movement that wanted a fundamentalist Christian government.

Do you support what the Third Position admits wanting in its public platform – let alone what they won't yet admit?

  • Forced deportation of all undocumented aliens
  • An end to the public school system
  • Absolute right of self-defense (i.e. no requirement of proportionality or imminent threat, just blow away anyone on your property)
  • Bringing back corporal punishment to prisons
  • Make it crime for a political, cultural or religious groups to influence police enforcement (whatever that means, I suspect it is code for not letting people who aren't white question what the police are doing…)
  • Reinstitute the protective tariff system of the 19th century and scrap any pretense of free trade
  • Abolish unemployment benefits and low income supports such as WIC and MedicAid
  • Outlaw the banking system ("make illegal the practice of fractional-reserve banking" is how they put it; the result is making what your local Savings and Loan or Credit Union does, as well as what BofA and Goldmann Sachs does, illegal)
  • Finally, and most frighteningly in some ways, they want a foreign policy of "humility and restraint". Remember we got last time we were promised such a thing by a right-wing nut?

In brief, their platform is racism, conspiracy theory, xenophobia, a healthy dose of 19th century Know Nothingism, and a dash of economic primitivism. It would be wrong to call them Nazis, they aren't even sophisticated enough to align themselves with corporate power. They are merely the racist populists who want to create a utopia wherein the white folk put everyone else in their place — at the bottom of the social order.

16 responses to “William Johnson is Back as the Leader of the American Nazi, er… Third Position Party

  1. Gus, my expressing my beliefs about your beliefs is not limiting debate. This is the cry of someone who doesn’t like the response he is getting. I am not sure what debate you feel has happened here. You have not rebutted my points about the leaders of A3P except to put forward an argument which relies on the belief in a coming race war in an apparent attempt to justify their racism.

  2. “full of shit”? “race war crap”? “stormfront arguments”?

    Todd, cussing and insults are what weak people resort to when they’re losing an argument due to a lack of intelligence or substantive material. To be fair I think you are bright, but, like others folks who are having a kneejerk reaction against A3P, you’re in a consensus trance { i.e., you’ve been taught that Caucasians are by nature evil racist; and pitifully you believe it and are afraid to defend yourself and your race.}

    As an aside I sincerely thank Michael Bryan for allowing this debate to continue for as long as it has. It reveals your being solid enough in your beliefs and position to permit folks with whom you disagree to express themselves. You’re a noble opponent.*

    *Todd, take notes.

  3. Gus,
    You are full of shit. The leaders of A3P express ideas as I have articulate. Your race war crap and stormfront arguments reveal you for what you are.

  4. Yes Todd. I got it. You believe A3P is racist, and my point is that said pro-White group is no more racist than the National Association for the ADVANCEMENT of Colored People and The Race (excuse me, La Raza).

    I’m a member of A3P and have never read in any of its official statements any claim that “blacks are genetically inferior to ‘European Americans'” or that “Jews are purposefully destroying the US”. I’m a White Advocate not a supremacist, Klansman, or neo-Nazi but those are the demonizing “shut-up” names that I get called (mostly by self-hating Whites) so often that I couldn’t care less, because only a fools allows himself to be defined by his enemy. And, by the way, I’m never going to shut-up.

    Given what Caucasians are facing within the coming two hundred years (extinction!), ultimately it comes down to The Iron Question: Are you pro-White or are you pro White genocide? Look at what has been happening to Afrikaners in South Africa and is increasingly happening to Europeans and American Whites, and you’ll realize that soon you will be forced to answer that question. If you’re pro-White A3P may be a good place to begin trying to help our people.

  5. Gus. The issue here is A3P and the fact that they are racists. Your question is irrelevant to that discussion. I would also point out the claiming blacks are genetically inferior to ‘European Americans’ or that Jews are purposefully destroying the US is not ‘White advocacy’ – it is racists nonsense. Your attempt to draw some moral parallel between a group that argues such and the NAACP is simply absurd.

  6. But Todd you overlooked my question:

    “Would it then also be a “fact” that the NAACP and La Raza are “racist”, and if they are then what’s wrong with A3P being “racist” as well?”

    I’m not denying that the A3P fits your definition of “racist”, but the problem remains that many Black & Hispanic groups also fall under your definition of “racist”, so why is it that your knickers are in such a twist when European Americans begin doing precisely what non-White folks have been doing for decades. Can’t you see the inconsistency and (forgive my harshness) hypocrisy of your stance against White advocacy?

  7. Gus and Peter,
    Let’s put a stop to this charade right now. Here is the rest of the board of A3P.

    Kevin B. MacDonald – Advances a theory that Jews have evolved themselves to ‘dispossess’ white europeans from their ‘rightful’ place of power. Believes US immigration law is driven by Jews and Jewish desire to water down the white majority. Believes African Americans and Latinos are inferior races. He strenuously defended holocaust denier David Irving and is lauded by white supremacists and Nazis.

    James Edwards – hosts a radio show, The Political Cesspool Radio Program. He is a white supremacist who has close ties with former KKK grand wizard David Duke. Edwards show is sponsored by the white nationalist and supremacist website Stormfront . org. He regularly features white supremacists and holocaust deniers (as well as some supposedly ‘mainstream’ guests like Pat Buchanan).

    Tom (Tomislav) Sunic – Blames Jews for trying to promote a multiracial America which will lead to the end of the true America. Is part of the European New Right which is both anti-egalitarian and anti-democratic. He is also a holocaust denier. He has spoken at meetings of the neo-Nazi National Alliance (US). Supporter of eugenics and other disproven ideas.

    These men are racists. Period.

  8. Todd, I’d wager that in your factbook any individual or group who is an advocate for his/its own race is “racist”. Would it then also be a “fact” that the NAACP and La Raza are “racist”, and if they are then what’s wrong with A3P being “racist” as well?

    Now please don’t serve me that stale baloney that only White people are capable of “racism”.

  9. They are in fact racist so calling them such is hardly a smear.

  10. Did you not notice the headline? It’s in bold, in case you need to look for it…

    I doubt very much Mr. Johnson actually had to come out from beneath a rock…

    Describing the A3P “program” as ‘racist’ (ooh scary buzzword!), bad enough period but even worse without ANY supporting evidence…

    Alluding to “What they won’t admit”, again, supporting evidence or a shred of fact…

    How much more do you need? I could be at this all day, critiquing such an obvious SMEAR JOB.

  11. For those claiming there is a smear campaign – exactly what stated above to you contend is inaccurate?

  12. It’s amazing and amusing to observe the panic on the left when a mere 100 people begin openly
    advocating for European Americans.

    That alone is worth the price of admission! LOL

  13. It figures the Left still tries to paint anti-immigration groups with buzzwords like “Neo-Nazis”. Why rely on facts when the good old-fashioned smear campaign has worked this well so far?

    But eventually the Left will have to confront an increasingly bitter and disenfranchised White American public. Fewer are falling for these buzzwords, and once you see past them and realize just how deceptive the media is, *poof* your magic is gone.

    All good and True Americans should support A3P. And we will, or die badly under the weight of the crushing third world.

  14. Asia for Asians
    Africa for Africans
    White countries for EVERYBODY!!!

    A3P stands against the genocide of Whites!

  15. If you look at the people in the leadership positions they are holocaust deniers and eugenicists.

    As far as the images go. The man with the hat is Madison Grant, who authored one of the most well-known books of scientific racism that Hitler greatly admired. Not 100% sure who the other is.

    Wonder if these people will be at the June 5th rally?

  16. If I’m remembering correctly, Scarpinato, who was doing political reporting at the Star in 2006, gave Bill Johnson more press during the CD-8 primaries than other genuinely Democratic candidates. Donna Branch Gilby, then the Pima Dem Chair, told me back then that whenever Scarpinato talked to her after an event, he would say, “You know what my first question is going to be: Was Bill Johnson invited to participate?”

    I think Scarp has found his true calling as a political spin-meister for Paton. He was only tangentially interested in reporting genuine news in a balanced way back when that was his job.