Winds of War


I stole the title from a friend’s Facebook post. I doubt he’ll mind.

He and I had the identical reaction to Trump’s speech to CPAC on Friday, in which Trump declared that America is about to undergo the greatest military buildup in history. Military buildups have one and only one purpose: going to war. That’s especially true when the nation embarking on the buildup already has the largest and most advanced military in the world, with most of the world’s other large fighting forces aligned with its own.

Worse yet, Trump, who expressed puzzlement at America’s no first strike policy regarding nuclear weapons, has promised a buildup in nuclear weaponry as well.

The only real questions are who and when. Iran? China? Mexico?

These are, as the saying goes, “interesting times.”

And we’re living in them.


  1. Censored: Look at the proposal for jobs programs President Obama sent to congress – even as he split it up, and tell me which party was the one ignoring those areas?

    See: American Jobs Act 2011 on wikipedia for information.

    • Yep.

      Obstructed by the GOP because they were afraid of anything that could succeed and help PBO win re-election. They sacrificed the working class to advance their own obstructionist agenda, still hoping to limit PBO to one term.

      But, hang in there, working people. Trump and them are gonna get back all those good paying jobs so y’all don’t have to deliver pizzas and stock shelves at Walmart anymore. Y’all are gonna be walking in tall cotton again as soon as Trump gets rid of these immigrants and Muslims and builds a wall and cracks down on marijuana and builds up the military and gets rid of the First Amendment and so forth. There’s a lot to be done so just be patient, working class voter in the Rust Belt or wherever you are.

      It is a no brainer that the replacement jobs were and are in infrastructure and PBO certainly understood that. He tried in vain to get this done, but the GOP would rather people starve and die than cooperate with the Democratic president.

      We have world class engineers. In fact, we educate many of the world’s engineers. So why aren’t we manufacturing high speed rail systems? It seems laughable right now because it is 2017 and we don’t even have an operating high speed rail system anywhere in the country. And when we finally get one, we’ll be buying it from another country.

      That is just one example of what “conservatism” has cost us. We could go on forever on this subject.

      But I have no argument with “censored”. The Democrats did not address this effectively before the election. Bernie did, but when he was gone, it was over.

  2. Per the actual President, Steve Bannon, it’s Iran and China. It’s why he brought Sebastian Gorka, fake college degree and all, into the White House.

    Bannon is a White Nationalist and admitted fascist who wants to destroy the US economy, and thereby the world economy, which will lead to civil unrest and riots, another civil war if he can pull it off, which along with a good old fashioned war overseas will allow Bannon to start a Catholic Dictatorship from the ruins of America.

    He’s been pretty clear about this and we should probably take him at his word.

    And I’m with Captain AZ on this, I blame Hillary Wall Street Kissinger and her blind supporters.

    My wife’s Catholic, but I’m a heathen, so I may be a little more sensitive to a Catholic Dictatorship than the rest of the class.

  3. the rust belt and coal mining area waited in vein for obama and the democrats who were to busy with trnasgender bathrooms and global warming. how does global warming look now? saying the good paying jobs are not coming back get over it! was not the correct answer. to many hated hillary clinton. she dare not even go to coal country. this to shall pass. (we hope)

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