Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker punk’d by Bart Simpson, er, Ian Murphy

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This prank was as good as Bart Simpson's Calls To Moe's.

Ian Murphy, editor-in-chief of BuffaloBeast.com, decided to find out whether it was true or not that Tea-Publican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin was simply "too busy" to take calls to negotiate with the "Wisconsin 14" Democratic senators on the lam in Illinois. So he studied and practiced his best David Koch voice impression and then called the governor's office to ask to speak to the Gov.

What happened next was pure gold. What a tool.

"Looks like Scott Walker's prank phone call may end up getting him in some trouble with [Wisconsin's] Government Accountability Board and his remarks about bringing in agent provocateurs to cause trouble at the rallies isn't sitting too well with the voters." Former Wisconsin AG to Recommend Walker be Investigated for Ethics Violations to Accountability Board. Former Attorney General of Wisconsin, Peg Lautenschlager, reviewed the transcript of the conversation and found what she determined to be multiple ethics, election law and labor law violations. And she will suggest that the state Government Accountability Board begin to review those ethics violations.

Part 1

Part 2

Ian Murphy posted an annotated transcript at BuffaloBeast.com. Koch Whore | The Beast.

Ian Murphy was interviewed by Lawrence O'Donnell on The Last Word on Wednesday night's program.

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Karoli at crooksandliars.com wrote about the "Kochtopus" in this post, Tea Party, Inc: The Illustrated Guide:


AlterNet and The Nation Institute's Investigative Fund teamed up to put together this fabulous report on Tea Party, Inc. Click here for the larger size — this picture is worth about 10,000 words, but the report is well worth the read, too.

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