Worst. Congress. Ever. stages ‘IRS Scandal Week’


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

It's the last week of "work" for the "Worst. Congress. Ever." before they leave town for a month long recess of hating on "ObamaCare" and the federal guvmint back home, and you know what that means: it's IRS Scandal week for House Republicans!

The House of Representatives will vote on 10 bills this week all
inspired by a single scandal: The Internal Revenue Service treatment of
political groups seeking tax-exempt status.

House Republicans say
their "Stop Government Abuse Week" will fight government waste and
abuse. And it's timed to give Republicans an anti-Washington message
just as they leave town for the August recess.

* * *

At the top of the list is a bill to partially repeal the 2009 health
care law. The vote on the Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act is the
40th attempt by House Republicans to repeal, change or defund the health
care law
. Another bill would require congressional approval of all new
government regulations — a proposal critics say would handcuff the
government's ability to enforce health and safety laws.

The effort
is replete with messaging. The health care bill is H.R. 2009 — the
year Obamacare was first adopted. It has four explanatory clauses but a
single effective provision, barring the secretary of the Treasury from
enforcing any provision of the law.

Other bills would allow citizens to record their conversations with
federal workers, allow the IRS to fire employees who make politically
motivated decisions and increase transparency on government spending.

GOPropaganda central at FAUX News Fraudcasting is still beating this dead horse of "scandal" that has been entirely debunked, and has been replaced by a real scandal — Rep. Darrell "Grand Theft Auto" Issa manipulated the Inspector General's investigation to produce the desired result, liberal progressive groups were also "targeted" by the IRS, and Issa has failed to release all of the transcripts of interviews which demonstrate that there is no "there" there. Fox News Continues To Push The Lie That Only Conservatives Were Targeted By The IRS.

The actual scandal lost in "lamestream media" reporting is that any of these 501(c)(4) groups engaged in political activites were given tax-exempt status, so that their political activities are indirectly subsidized by American taxpayers. That is what you should be pissed off about.

Which brings me to the Arizona Republic's cog in the right-wing noise machine of GOPropaganda, Doug MacEachern, who has never had an orginal thought in his head but simply regurgitates the GOPropaganda talking points like the shameless media ho that he is. MacEachern:
Hard to like big government

The IRS scandal now is a “scandal.”
President Barack Obama has decreed it “phony,” even as
responsibility for it reaches to the Washington office of his own

Well, why not? His media chorus is just as eager as he is to
“pivot” to the next issue. But the mess this politician and his
acolytes have made of the IRS is not going away. Gallup found 60
percent believe the IRS “frequently abuses its powers.”

And his goal is to make us like big government?

MacEachern never lets the facts get in the way. He is nothing but an echo chamber for GOPropaganda talking points. For the love of God, please fire this hack!